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What if you could design your own custom variant of the Athena?

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10 months ago
Although the Athena is capable of building a wide variety of units, I do wonder if players would rather prefer if they could build a different variety of units instead, such as, for example, units that could be more combat-focused. With that in mind, I decided to give an example of what an alternative towards the Athena could perform like.


Like the Athena, the Loki is a flying construction vehicle that's capable of building a wide variety of units, all while coming equipped with a radar, a jammer, a cloaking device, and even a Lazarus device. However, unlike the Athena, which specializes in building units that focus on sneaky tactics, the Loki focuses on building a variety of units with an emphasis on mutually supporting eachother. Despite the lack of the Athena's variety in stealth unit options, such as the Scythe, Phantom, Widow, Gremlin, and Ultimatum, the Lance, Jack, Angler, and Dominatrix all stand a good chance at getting the job done just as well, if not better, when paired with an Iris, whereas the Outlaw and Firewalker can both do a good job at thwarting enemy sneak attacks by revealing enemy cloaked units that stray into their line of fire.

Build List:
- Constable
- Flea
- Glaive (replaces Bandit)
- Kodachi (replaces Halberd)
- Outlaw (replaces Scythe)
- Placeholder (replaces Moderator)
- Fencer (replaces Recluse)
- Blitz
- Knight
- Lance (replaces Phantom)
- Firewalker (replaces Impaler)
- Jack (replaces Widow)
- Angler (replaces Gremlin)
- Aspis
- Iris
- Djinn
- Dominatrix (replaces Ultimatum)

- Caretaker
- Radar
- Advanced Radar
- Cornea
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10 months ago
good idea but i suggest making it invincible and adding anti nuke and ultimatum D gun and prehaps scorpion D gun in case it gets harry potter.
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10 months ago
Yes Athena is underpowered it should have double hp and a Nimbus cannon in addition to all of Sigero's suggestions :P
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10 months ago
Athena is far from underpowered. 15 (!) bp and a lot of autoregen plus radar jamming and cloaking. Mind you it has 50% more bp than a com and is probably >3x faster.
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Is this more or less "design your ideal factory roster"?

As for sidearms, it would be quite funny if it had a short-ranged capture ray.
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10 months ago
what would be cool to haveflying commander chasis tho... :) like queen in chicken defence that flies and walks...
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what athena really lacks is on death leaving a dirtbag spike. but not the usual one, probably a 9001% increase would be fit.
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10 months ago
I'd make it desolve into free metal
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