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I need a dictionary

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8 months ago
When I was just starting out with MP, I was asked to use my units to watch out for and kill a Penetrator. While looking for it, I came across a Lance and casually shot it dead. I was congratulated on a job well done. It took me a while to realize that the mysterious unit I was searching for was the one I had eliminated--as I kept looking afterwards.

Now and again I come across talk about Bantha, Penetrator, Pillager, Roach... for someone who is too new to the game to have known units by those names, is there a resource to quickly translate the old names to the new ones? ...and why were they mass-renamed anyway?
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8 months ago
If you search for the old name in the wiki it should redirect to the new name.
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So the final rename happened 3 months before you first joined. http://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/24418
ZK has a lot of names from Total Annihilation and we didn't want to be accused of plagiarism or not having our own identity.
For those of us who have been playing for years and years its difficult to get used to it
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8 months ago
Some of the new names are cringe-worthily bad.

"cornea" really?

And the most generic boring names for structures too... "artemis"

All gunship names sound like a rip from world of warcraft now.

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Fear not!

EDIT: Almost forgot to also credit PLrankAdminSprung
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The Github ticket has a list of the more recent renames, which are likely to be the most commonly used: https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K/issues/2545

Some earlier renames that I remember, and you might still see the original occasionally:

Stiletto - Thunderbird
Vamp - Hawk - Raptor
Merl - Impaler
Freaker - Constable

Some ships were also renamed although this frequently coincided with design changes:
Seawolf - Snake
Cutter - Skeeter
Corsair - Typhoon (used to have machineguns)
Mistral - Enforcer (used to be bigger)
Envoy (temporarily Ronin) - Crusader (used to be cheaper and have a depth charge)
Zephyr - Shredder
Scylla - Leviathan
Warlord - Shogun
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8 months ago
congrats on your first subscriber Hoko!
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To settle this once and for all we need 2nd round of renames and modify UI in a way so that it would display a random name out of 3 - different for each player!
Then nobody will be able to understand each other - mission completed!
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8 months ago
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8 months ago
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