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Lobster clusters doesn't lob enough

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5 months ago
When there is a clusters of units near a lobster, the units are likely to bounce off each other as they take off and prevent them from being thrown at target destination.
Possible fix for lobster clusters so they don't throw games and lobs properly?
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5 months ago
"In Goddes state of mind, the game is always balanced. You are just playing it incorrectly.
In Fealthas state of mind, the game is always imbalanced and you lose because of factory RPS.
In RyMarqs state of mind, JJs aren't balanced yet.
In Firepluks state of mind, teams are imbalanced and lobsters throw the games.
In _Shamans state of mind, you are always in a state of !resignation."

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5 months ago
Sounds like you are lobbing incorrectly.
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5 months ago
you heard the man.

Additional lobbinz.
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