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FFA Map-Pool

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6 months ago
Hey, i noticed that there are only very few maps in the current pool.
I think it would be a good idea to add some more maps for more diversion.

My suggestions:
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Sure, I believe they were unfeatured because the featured map list was used to make the packaged maps for Steam. This isn't an automatic operation though and I think a bit of in-lobby map downloading is fine nowadays.

Not sure about this map though: http://zero-k.info/Maps/Detail/13634
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6 months ago
also need a variety for each number count. I remember, for some numbers there was like only 1-2 choices.
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6 months ago
Talking about FFA, would it be possible to get some better colour distribution for the different teams?
Currently, all the enemy teams uses the regular enemy team colors and some of them really look alike when there are many teams.
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6 months ago
I considered "The Reef" always as an interessting FFA map because of the quite limited metal for each player (compared to some other maps) and the interessting middle play, where 1 player has to basically cut of the other two from each other, making him the obvious choice to attack.

Maybe some more oppinions can help here
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The auto map pool is too low for auto select to work right now. Even if all supported maps are featured you still would have a few gaps. I think the only supported FFA map that has known issues is, buggy ice colvols on Anteer Strait RC 0.48. You also have a few ugly ones.

It would be nice to have at least one FAA map for every player count between 3 and 16.
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