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Ludum Dare 43

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8 months ago
New game out: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/43/to-the-last-drop

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8 months ago
whoa :O it is interesting
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8 months ago
Awesome theme!
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8 months ago
Blood for the blood mage!
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8 months ago
I've made a post-LD release version with better behaviour and balance.
  • The spell Dialysis has been replaced with a much more interesting spell.
  • Spells are more powerful.
  • Villagers and orks are more numerous.
  • The town will be completely overrun if you don't help, previously the town was a bit strong.
  • Some fixes for stupid NPC AI.
  • The minimap shows a wider area around the town.
  • The spawn areas are more evenly distributed.

Get it here: https://github.com/SpringCabal/LD43/releases/tag/V6

Overall I feel like trying to optimize for minimal casualties is much more rewarding with the post-LD version. The town is worse at defending itself and the player is more powerful, widening the gap in which skill can play a role. The wider minimap area lets you react to incoming waves more strategically. Spawn RNG is reduced. I'm still quite happy with the event submission because these balance issues only become noticable after at least a few runs.

I've found trying for highscores to be quite fun. Here are some milestones to aim for.
  • Under 300 dead - Good start.
  • Under 250 dead - Doable with some practice.
  • Under 200 dead - Amazing.
  • Under 150 dead - Unbelievable.

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Messed around a bit with the v6 release, and put it on YouTube.
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8 months ago
CArankAdminShadowfury333 thanks for the showcase, feel free to post it on our LD page: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/43/to-the-last-drop

You played better than the average newbie but it seems you had some prior info. I like how you learned the 5-4 combo (well 5-anything), the new 5 is a much better spell indeed. You were a bit inefficient at killing the orc boss, he should probably be migrained + adrenaline meleed to death. Pushing him with the fireball makes him live longer. Sorta did it better last game.

PS1: What was kinda missing was a review. What did you think about the game? You usually have those in your videos iirc.
PS2: I find it funny that despite our best efforts you still managed to get stuck in a house.
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8 months ago
Oh, did I normally do a review? It's been so long.

Anyway, I thought it was a fun little diversion, but I wasn't sure how much depth it would have. I also wasn't sure how to get below 300 deaths, but that's more my problem.
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