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Global mute in all games on me, cont, possible leaving

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I guess with the stance of admins playing hardline police, and being high on own power its questionable whether i want to be part of your community anymore. Over last years i seen decline of zk community, from once alive place where people had church together, felt free to experiment and had playful time together without any comitee oversight and regulations "for the good of the comunity", where people just vote kick another if they were assholes, where everyone had say over zk than implementing whole legislative beurocracy and approval proces. I guess it comes in tune to some satanic vibes and names seeping into unit names of the game. Zk had cool pirate vibes from its roots from bootlegged game. But you managed to make it all clean. Also introduction of forced metal sharing also kills it. Its like saying "have fun or else" with a govt gun to your head. Keep in mind zk is opensource, and if you will continue on this, a FORK might happen like openoffice/libreoffice thing.

It was a cool place to have fun away from the work, with a bonfire atmosphere, but it got reduced to something like this with verbal sniping, snitching and power trips.. Kinda sucks you guys chose hardline lording over "users" than simply being nice, and siding with drama queens and crywolves, and its not only about snoke. You also side with people having "fun by your numbers" than simply having fun. And yea. it comes from a vegan, but even we have limits to our stuff and treet it only as addition to life, not life itself, and you got this on the lose...

If you guys really want it that way that bad i will not stand in your way to be cannon fodder of your agendas and power trips.

Im off for xmas anyway, whether i will return i will think hard about it over next few days... few other guys left zk for good citing new players and such, but i think deep down its more about stuff like so, but they couldnt put a finger on it. enjoy your wins if its all that you have now, some time ago zk was addition to life full of cool stuff and now its srs bzns. And its not really me bitching about admins being dicks and "threatening players with a stick" if they dont PlayRight™, others see it as well.

And yea. that whole authoritarian play right or youll get a stick happend to me literally by admins threatening like that...

There were comedies made from this.. like at 1:08:54

Also you guys and many admins accused me of troll-play. Not only i have problem with lazy lobsters, *the man*, telling me how to do my stuff.. ;)

I'm more than sure that it will fall on deaf ears, and you guys will see it like the joke where wife leaves a message on a fridge "its not working, i need a time to think it through" and guy opens up fridge and sees cold beer and light on and wonder wtf its all about.

xoxo, your one and only rooks

you guys got old, and im not speaking of gaining a number. its deeper than that... whether i wanna get back ill think of it really hard..

anyhoo. merry christmass yall, or whatever you do this solstice and happy new year :) and go vegan :P

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6 months ago
Yeah, the bonfire atmosphere has been gone.
Now its hard, cold balancing.
But this hasn't to be bad as long as its impact on the game mechanics isn't too huge.
Now it is too early too leave, let's first see how far it goes and if game changes more drastically.

I actually never saw one of the develobsters being unpolite or an asshole, but sometimes I feel like I'm just a very small orange gear in an oligarchy of big blue and purple stars. My words without weight, my suggestions without being heard as I am only orange.

Hope to see you again, rooks.
Merry Christmas
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For the record chat like this:

is unacceptable at ANY level. Snoke said nothing offensive to you nor did he step on your toes at all. All he did was unpause a few times which is totally reasonable considering you said nothing about the reason why it was paused or anything and the fact that you waste 20+ people's time while they wait for you to catch up. Try playing smaller team games if your pc cannot handle lagfests like that. Or at the very least learn to press enter and type out "hey im lagging pause pls?" and maybe people will pause for you.

Admins are in their right to mute you over such a blatant homophobic remark. Homophobia is not tolerated in this community nor should we tolerate it. Stop attempting to play the victim of "oppressive overbearing admins" simply because you got muted for 48 hours over a homophobic remark. While your at it, you might as well learn how to create an actual argument in the event of actual admin abuse. Hint: there's a "contact admins" button on your home page. Further hint: being a combatant ass about your mute will not garner any support here.

We do not tolerate language that is abusive, bigoted, racist or sexist.

-- Code of conduct.

I HIGHLY suggest you read this before you create these needless bawww posts.

TL;DR: Learn effective communication and proper social skills or gtfo. You won't be missed. There's the door in case you can't learn to play nicely with people.
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6 months ago
imagine being muted and feeling this bad about it
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6 months ago
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Well, being this rude isn't nice and being muted for one day because of calling someone a gay buddy seems fair to me.
If Snoke was isulting you like this, I'm pretty sure he would've been muted, too. Regardless of rank.

Get low, chill out and enjoy christmas, maybe let us meet then again and be all polite to each other in the new year 2019 :)
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6 months ago
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yea. its part of longer deal with snoke and me. its not first time he used gaslighting psychological techniques of being asshole with nice face.. and doing harm and then plausibly denying anything because he did harm within your "rules" so its not he that will be punished for it, including trying to school me , constant heckling and so on. including recent obvious heckling me by asking me how i am whiile i was muted. *i dont mind being muted*, its not about geing muted but about being treated like shit for stuff i didnt do. and yes. its the exact thing why i may chose to not get back, since some time ago it would be obvious to you, now you treet it at face value out of context and let yourself become tool in his hands, its same mechanism that is called swatting but in different setting, and i need to explain myself because i reacted to his bullshit, and you dont allow normal reaction to his bullshit, because you have rules.


Learn about gaslighting and add it to your rulebook if you need to play by the rules instead of letting call homo a homo to point out his being asshole. And for the record i been once to one year aniversary of some gay couple. Even they would call that shit totally gay. (They had cool vegan food by the way, one of the things that helped me to switch to veganism all the way in)

About the whole situation, the logs may not show if the game was paused and instantly unpaused to get simple 30 sec lag out of my system. its a common practice that works in some games if i have something finnicky and important going on, or im just in mood to help out with micro that i need to manage myself instead of letting others manage me for me with messages i leave when i lag out. also logs dont show previous overall busybody attidude of snoke whole day.

Once again. sorry to be human. and for that i might consider not going back if you want to cultivate this behaviour and side with gaslighting party in that situation treating stuff he said at face value out of the context, despite many attempts to point it out to you. I dont mind being muted im totally happy with it, been kicked out of twitter few times for idiots brainwashed by PC agenda reporting tweets, its sign of times and something to roll with. Im not ok with you being blind to constant heckling and then explaining myself for reacting to it when i snap, exactly like in the picture above.

Your call guys.
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I think you need to read your own link because "gaslighting" has nothing to do with the present situation.

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the victim and delegitimize the victim's belief.

Whose belief in their own memory/perception/sanity is DEranksnoke supposed to be drawing into question here?

Provoking somebody else into losing their temper, for instance, is not "gaslighting".

If you became significantly more respectful towards other members of the community when DEranksnoke was not present, your argument might potentially have more validity. This is not, however, the case.
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6 months ago
You miss out the little bits he liked to heckle and rub it in, in B659765 B659767 and in forums. i dont mind being muted, i mind being fucked with and you siding with the party that does the fucking...

[18:59] Nightwatch Team 1 resigned
[18:59] Nightwatch BATTLE DETAILS AND REPLAY ----> http://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/659765 <-----
[18:59] snoke: hey rooks[vegan] whats up
[18:59] snoke: how are you
[18:59] snoke: you dont talk to me no more?
[18:59] snoke: :(
[18:59] snoke: you alright rooks[vegan]?

Textbook example of gaslighting

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I think you need to read your own link because "gaslighting" has nothing to do with that instance either.

The word you are looking for is "taunting". Assuming he was even aware you were muted.
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6 months ago
whenever moderators do anything it always makes things worse, prove me wrong
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6 months ago
so you suggest we admin you GBrank[Fx]Drone just to proove you right?
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6 months ago
Save it for another time guys :)
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6 months ago
Call it whatever, not only me seen it as childish bullshit, but also in B659767 or later other people grew tired of snoke shit and wanted to know how to mute snoke too..

It might be small thing for you, and honestly for me as well, but in general it puts where you stand on this behavior, and not sure if that sort of highly strung up and policed stuff is my thing if i will call something the way i feel it. Zk was fun and vibrant once, before forced metal sharing, with initial 1k metal it allowed super flexible gameplay. you guys are reducing something that couldve be awesome to a so-so overregulated pulp. like whole thing noone can plop striders anymore because one noob plopped it once and learned in one game to not do it again. i seen fresh guys building another lab of same units to the one they plopped. you gonna regulate this as well?

This sort of stuff is kinda what that says zk is not what it once was... not sure how i feel about it. Anyhoo merry christmass yall :) Or whatever since with pc lingo christmass might be offensive as well quite soon...
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Keep in mind zk is opensource, and if you will continue on this, a FORK might happen like openoffice/libreoffice thing.

This is either an idle threat or something you should do regardless of being muted for one day for insults, but are not doing.

Doesn't say good things about you either way, unfortunately.

possible leaving

This is exactly like the previous case, except doesn't require a measure of competence. Exit is your inalienable right. You're free to do this, noone has the right to stop you. Noone really wants to either, if you use it as a threat to support your "right" to insult others.

Let me give you an example how to use threats properly, instead.

Keep up such behaviour, and you will be punished every time. That is a threat.
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Well I've watched Multiplayer B659767 11 on Red Comet v1.3 briefly and I am gonna ask DEranksnoke to lay off a bit.

That being said, your history of poor behaviour (when interacting with people who are not snoke as well) is making this entire discussion ring rather hollow.
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6 months ago
As far as I am concerned, you have no evidence (or you're not willing to provide evidence) to backup your claims that snoke in any way, shape or form provoked you. Even if you did have evidence, you acted in an extremely unacceptable fashion.

You can argue til the cows come home, but all you're doing right now is gaining negative sympathy/support by continuing this frivolous argument.

Learn about gaslighting and add it to your rulebook if you need to play by the rules instead of letting call homo a homo to point out his being asshole.

This right here, is why you were muted. Calling someone homosexual/gay as an insult is in NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM OKAY. Special emphasis on NOT OKAY.
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6 months ago
EErankAdminAnarchid maybe instead of policing talks of forking of zk, you might wanna address issues behind those talks? ZK-exit is real! lets go all retard and have a zkxit referendum :D The fact that you consider my description of how things are so you can help steer it back, as a threat speaks volumes in itself about stance of management of zk on certain things. No im not planning to do fork, i have other things to do. Esp on christmas. Im only saying its an option and such things happened before on larger projects because of same underlying issues that you might wanna consider if you wanna save it since i still belive zk is worth saving if youd put effort to it. One thing i would like to fork zk is maybe renaming lucifer to gazeofchrist?

im vegan not big fan of either satan or jesus, still tho.. it would add balance to cebrerus and other down pointing pentagrams here and there. if you really wanna put a lot of religious symbolism to a *computer video game* about *robots*...

oh, renaming chicken defence to *revange of of mutated gmo tofurky* would be nice. But i guess it wouldnt be popular here so ill just roll with whatever you have...

As i said earlier, im more than sure it will fall on deaf ears.

also USrank_Shaman, you have a personal issue vs me just like snoke has for some reason. for that reason you stole my Dante once and refused to give it back in quite asshole manner. It also qualifies as heckling as code of conduit of zk if i would want to be as anal as you guys are, and as i stated to you then, youre not the only admin here, other admins might want to look at your behaviour at that game. Its on record. I might go and dig up that game if im really pressed for it. so dont jump on a bandvagon "lets kick rooks while hes down" it might not be your highest point in life...

As a vegan and someone who helped around pediatric oncological hospice that refused vegan options despite proven 80% survival rate and i had to see kids just whiter out because stuck up parents deeply believing in chemo and remortaging or selling houses to cover it. i seen worse things than decline of game community, for same stuck up reasons. Your threats dont really have a much hold on me. It is what it is™ and it adds up to me considering nto taking part in this instead of explaining myself all the time... its not a threat. just a loose thought. Sucks you guys see it as a threat, but only few of you. others are cool and are reason for me staying here..

This will be all for now. off to do chrismassy things.
Merry christmass/solstice/whateves to yall :)
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policing talks of forking of zk

EErankAdminAnarchid is not doing this. In fact, nobody cares if you or anybody else forks Zero-K. Do what you like.

Your apparent belief that Zero-K needs to be "saved" or otherwise people will fork it betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of open source, as practiced by reasonable individuals. Zero-K is itself a fork of Balanced Annihilation and [Spoiler] both games are going fine.
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