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Legal issues of forking.

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5 months ago
AUrankAdminAquanim raised very interesting issue where in his own mind zk licence prevents use of zk material in commercial venture. Hes ofcourse wrong. I wouldnt turn zk to commercial. I would make zk to libzk that would remain as opensource as you like. I need to have support of your bug fixes for free ofcourse. Or something like that, id have to look deeper into it should i really would want to e fucked with this crap when guys are withdrawn and territorial about something that they managed to make itno total crap... Tho my knowledge of law is only limited to time i spent in software engineering and to that occasional times i helped some vegan mayo to fend off FDA based on some copyright loophole. Where theres will theres a way. You are not in charge, never was, officer AUrankAdminAquanim of the zk jurisdiction. People are.

GBrank[GBC]1v0ry_k1ng hosting is in springlobby system. website is in wordpress or some other Mc online community builders that are around... the web is abundant in that sort of shit. it woudl give guys some freedom from this oppressive bullshit the once vibrant zk has now become... i been around the time when Senna was making TA clone from BA in spring lobby, and then they got into argument over the way it got headed with other libdem leaning devs since it become too bland, too restrictive, so senna said f.it. and also despite twitching and turning mangaged to go with making TA to LibTA and build PA on top of it and their beef is still unsolved till today. One are rigid uptight lobsters trying to impose stuff on players, and senna managedd to save it and made it more unbalanced, and you shouldve be ther, was lot of fun. and PA manages to attract more players than TA did have.. And he made an unit in my name which was nice too... so yea. i was there, so i know how it goes, i have other stuff to do, and im kinda torn since it would really be something cool to have. but being subject to that sort of shitstorm makes it not worth it... instead i just go offgrid now and see some other loose ends to tie up... With ex who got sucked up to deep reseach after we both were rescuing strays together shes now ssending rats to be injected with alzheiemr... its not a place for her. but her fortune100 fam pressures her to that shit... even tho shes hitched and last thing i wanna go between them is still close like some sister, i fell shes not really comfy there... Also the military games is something i grew out of recently so yea..that i would have out of it.maybe.

kids dont have some fidget spinners that come without a cop ziptied telling them to play it right or like AUrankAdminAquanim and few of his yesmen like to call "play it right or a big stick" thats a direct quote from him... like wtf?

maybe ill get back to it after setting up offgrid place, or maybe not... theres enough of rl snokes and other sellfrighcheus power trippin pillocks tryin to snipe others dreams...
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5 months ago
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5 months ago
oh fork crying out loud!
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5 months ago
You are just trolling at this point PLrankrooks[vegan].

Everyone knows you can sell free software, you just have to extend the 4 freedoms of free software to the buyer. You may have some issues with the licenses of the assets such as The Dark Matter Soundtrack, but if your are relevant, the artist's people will contact you.

I won't bother with your fork because I just left Ghostler Pan's abusive community and I deserve at least a 6 month break from that crap.

I also have Evolution RTS to play when I am tired of playing Zero-K but still want to play a FOSS RTS.
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5 months ago
yay more
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Exile or death?

theres enough of rl snokes and other sellfrighcheus power trippin pillocks

What did I tell you about harassing other users?
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