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you guys are wierd.

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Just letting you guys know i noticed your forum prohibition. Thats not polite way of talking things out... kinda sucks you guys destroy something lively that made people happy and brought them together, but the more police came the bonfire spirit left the town... The more you police the community and approach with cop attitude "arrest for disorderly conduct" or arrest for calling admins assholes instead of stopping to act like authoritarian powertrippin jackbooted assholes in first place, the more people will go "you guys are weird, were outta here".

Your call where you wanna head with it, siding with snitches and yesmen who worship you at expense of normal casuals it was known to attract jut few year ago... Strongarming to submission instead of talking through isnt the best way to attract players who already have to deal with other shit in their lives... the talk about fork was something to help you guys save this community but you want to make it a prison where people have to ask you something instead of in opensource way just modifying stuff as they like. You really should do closed licence to do that since keeping zk opensource is totally against your way of "spin the fidget spinner clockwise, or a ziptied cop that comes with fidget spinner with a big stick will remind you of few things". Things i already heared from admins like USrank_Shaman after he stole my Dante and threatend ban if i would do something about it like skuttling him to remind that some things are not ok. And not only me complained about his powertrippin... Others also in chat reminded him to pipe down, but given its the line the admins follow here... If you ever wonder why best and brightest arent coming to your town anymore, this is why... keep it up guys.

This will be all for now, if at all. Good luck with your community in new year, may it will bring you love and joy to brighten up your ways...
Spirit of vegan christmas future.

the relevant part, at 56:30
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whats just wrong with you?
youve been told not to harass on people ingame, you keep doing it.
youve been told not to harass people on the forum, you keep doing it.
youve been told not to spam the forum, you keep doing it.
you had me on target for pausing a game,
now you find shaman, for telling you to make you get banned for teamkills, who isnt an admin btw.
there are rules in mostly every community, on the internet or in real life, thats how it works.
the whole world is against you, but for sure nothing is your fault.
but well.. sure its us who is weird....

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5 months ago
Do not make alternate accounts to evade forum/lobby mutes or bans.
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