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happy new year brianfreeman

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5 months ago
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Brianfreeman - An in depth study

I met Brianfreeman in a 1v1 game, he didn't say anything the first match but after our second match the verbal abuse started. He mentioned that my strategy didn't conform to gentlemen standards and called me out on it.

Brianfreeman has a rough shell but once you get to know him he can be friendly. Some say his spirit animal is a porcupine but I don't think so. I think it's more of a snapping turtle.

In conclusion is it our duty to create a friendly environment for new players and also Brianfreeman who can be considered a new player but not really because his level is really high but his skill has yet to catch up.

Thank you.

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The BrianFreeman-singu-larity approaches!

Snapping Turtles all the way down, my friends...
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5 months ago
I am profoundly unconvinced that this thread has been made with good intentions.
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