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Change Zero-k tutorials location

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2 months ago
I think most players which start playing zero-k and want to learn the basics of the game wont look in the Help -> Tutorials section. I would never expect to find tutorial missions there, or maybe only some wiki links with tons of text (which there are but people still dont find the wiki/want to use it, its really useful!).

Shouldnt the tutorials be placed into the Singleplayer & Coop section? Most people who want to try out the game will go there and see there are tutorials they can click on if they need them.
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2 months ago
You know, you're right.
But when i started the game and could not find the turorials under the singleplayer section i did look under help, so it not being the logical tab didn't actually hamper me all that much, but that's just my experience
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2 months ago
maybe both?
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2 months ago
The first campaign missions are meant to be the tutorials, while the old ones under Help->Tutorials were actually moved there so they're hard to find.
This was done since you don't want two sets of tutorials, and the old ones were a bit overwhelming.
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2 months ago
(edited 2 months ago)

The campaign is a forced tutorial. People hate those and it's understandably simple. There are also players who like to learn about the mechanics before playing and I often encounter those asking why there are no tutorials. What speaks against having the tutorials as well as the small forced campaign tutorial?

It also seems weird to package the tutorials with the game's initial download but then try to hide them. There's even a skip button implemented for players to be able to skip the first campaign mission if they decide to do the full tutorials.
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2 months ago
My £0.02:
I never found the tutorials, but thought the campaign served the same purpose.
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35 days ago
I watched too many streamers click on Tutorials through the Singleplayer menu and get bored to tears. They teach details of unit selection, the economy, and counter structures that you just don't need to get into the fun meat of ZK. The first campaign mission is intended to be a minimal tutorial that gets people into the fun bits as fast as reasonably possible.
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