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New units

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5 months ago
Please create the following units:
plane with max water depth attack
submarine with long range torpedo that can also hit max water depth

the reason i am posting this is because at middle to end-game stage there is no way to clear the water from stragglers that have a small firing possibility (chicken tubes for example are overpowered when at the bottom of a deep water, because they usually spawn in large # and can hit air targets, but can't be hit from the air) and the only unit that can reasonably clear them is detriment (the 24k metal strider, i hope i remembered the correct name).

if i missed a unit that can do that instead of the new units that i suggested, please feel free to tell me.

thanks, have a nice day!
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The Raven (Prec bomber) can hit underwater units I believe - just needs a sonar plane to spot for it.

Failing that, boats?
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5 months ago
I really thing that both air and ships could use with a rebalance based on how HV and LV balance each other. But I'll probly start another discussion on this topic the other day.
If supported maybe I'll even try some rebalancing myself (and ofc fail miserably).
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5 months ago
We had such long range torpedo sub. But it was removed. Was very strong in sea but costly.
Plane already exists - raven. You just need vision and it will bomb deepest waters.
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5 months ago
My preferred solution to this is to make chicken tubes float.
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