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Tournament Cups\Coins

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6 months ago
I do like my cup\coins when placing in a tourney.

However here are 3 I think were missed.

Tournament Last week: http://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/27799?page=1
Triple Threat tournament a few month ago: http://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/27650?page=1
2v2 Tournament Long ago: http://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/432398
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6 months ago
Are players dropping\returning added\falling from the Ladders, i suspect this may be broken?
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6 months ago
hmm the ladder has become bait, it make peope go mad with rage. really i forgot the tournament frankly there should be more tourny's. the ladder is pitting against each other it doesn't matter that godde stays on top we don't blame people people have to be better godde's each and everyone of them. eat thier veggies eat swedish food hell even vote for the president of sweden god bless him ;D. nah seriously guys -_- more tournametns pls and give more medals. the ladder has A strange elo system if u fight and lose u win elo :O i didn't understand at first but we already had an elo change 4 hudnred. frankly if A new system exist we must change the stadistics about it. but perhaps we should give it more time becuase the last time even godde didnt' like being number 4568786784 on the ranking system. and A lot fo players didn't like it. I like it becuase doom was number 1 and later sparkles hahahaha. i put A vote for A new elo system ;D
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6 months ago
Im not complaining about system, just I noticed Manu returned to play, and would expect him to reappear somewhere in the higher end of the casual ladder, except not there... My assumption people are not being returned to the ladder on returning to play. This may also apply to those ceasing to play.

Just flagging it
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6 months ago
Coins are stupid, make all coins into cups and reward all relevant cups and imo set a standard criteria for being applicable for cups (no giving out 9 trophies for a 3v3 tournament with 4 teams).

Coins were added in the first place because someone decided that their tournament was "official" and others including mine was "unofficial" pretty dumb tbh when the so called "unofficial" tournament had 16 players mostly top 20.

Personally I wouldnt consider it a "proper" tournament with less than 8 players in 1v1 tournament or 6 teams in small teams tournament.
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6 months ago
A tourney is a tourney, the least reward is a freaking icon
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These are done manually and sometimes i miss them, especially if the organiser suddenly disappears or does not provide me with a list of battles that should contain the awards.

Thanks for the reminders. If you can list me the awardable battles for the 3v3 and the long-ago 2v2 thing, i'll process them today.

EDIT: weren't 2016 tourneys kudos rather than coin/cup awards?

P.S. Yeah unified rules would be excellent. Go draft?
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