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LitRPG Author Interview with PaulBellow

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I interviewed myself in anticipation of my next book release, and I gave Zero-K a shout-out.


Thanks for all the casts, CArankAdminShadowfury333! I like the new ones from USrankNerdoSuave too.

The zero-k community is so great. I'll definitely give the game a mention on the dedication page of my eventual RTS novel.

I've been trying to snag players from the LitRPG community, but Zero-K has such a steep learning curve. A few have checked it out, but I want to bring this classic RTS to many more people.

I've been on a Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup kick since hitting the top 100 players in Zero-K, but I plan to come back for more MM battles soon. Top 10, I'm coming for you! ;)

Just Another Lobster

p.s. I should use lobster as an easter egg in my RTS novel. Hrm...

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19 months ago
i see you play only 1v1! Lobsters are best boiled in the pot of greatness! come, take a sip!
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Nothing like nuking 10 juicy lobs playing simcity...
for extra flavor EMP their anti AFTER u launch nuke so they think they are SAFE :P
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19 months ago
Yeah, I watched a few of those team game streams. I'm too afraid to let everyone down! Hah.

That said, maybe I'll dip my toes in the water soon. I'm really waiting for the next 1v1 tourney!

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Just don't expect "much" out of huge team games in terms of cooperation and responsiveness of your teammates - many come just for casual fun and relaxed experience here...
and don't take it too personal and close to the heart when people rage at you - part of "lobster pot culture"

I personally love almost all ZK modes, but mainly spend time in huge - small team games
Huge team games are great for relaxed casual experience, small team games are great for competitive and highly cooperative play(from 2v2 up to 3v3-4v4, everything larger degrades into lobsterpot pretty fast)
I even got a bit of taste for 1v1 recently... not my favorite, definitely but occasionally I play 1v1 now
I better like to spec FFA than play - almost always very entertaining, especially when game is happening LIVE(can chat with other specs)
Speed metal, AI/chicken are their own pretty interesting modes of ZK

I've played almost 20000 games in total and spectated over 10000 for the last 7 years... and I'm NOT bored and want MORE...
Yea, game is still exciting after all those years, partly because of the great community.

I just wish for one thing honestly - more players for this game and some initial protection for them from sometimes deadly lobster-pot exposure...
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19 months ago
What's that, you say? You want to write a Guest Post on LitRPG Reads on why Zero-K is the best? I'd love to publish it!

Seriously, though, if you can throw together 500+ words or so, I'll get it up on the website with links and what-not.
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19 months ago
USrankPaulBellow do you ever frequent the discord? There's an essay i'd maybe like to publish, because my current platforms don't seem to be the best channels for it. Then again, maybe not? Discuss?
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USrankPaulBellow reading your post I can recommend Divinity Original Sin (played 2. as coop with my brother) - very solid modern rpg and fun bonding experience with brother. I'd compare my appreciation to it with Baldur's Gate.

I wanted to chime in for a small anecdote about RUrankFirepluk and community.

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19 months ago
my eventual RTS novel

Now that sounds fascinating
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19 months ago
I've been on a Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup kick since hitting the top 100 players in Zero-K...

Man, you're going to love me even more. I've recently started shifting my Wednesday streams to Cogmind. Not sure if I'll stick with that, but the robots theme fits, and rogue-likes are something I've streamed several times now.
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19 months ago
Very cool. I write fantasy too :) Your books look interesting; I'll try and snag one sometime.
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19 months ago
Yay. My book just dropped!


I'm really looking forward to the RTS book. I've been letting it formulate in my mind for over a year now, and I think I'm almost ready to sit down and start writing it. I want to have it out by the end of the year.

Cogmind looks sick! I haven't played it yet, but I might check it out. Not before I get some Zero-K MM in this weekend. I've been called to the lobster pot, but I don't know if I'm ready, willing, or able to hop in!

Good thoughts on the community here, Zenfur. The vibe here has been great from what I've seen. I've taken on a quest to triple the Zero-K player base. Wish me luck! Would be cool to have some fresh meat in the pot.

Anarchid, yes, I'm on the Discord! Hit me up there sometime, or I'll look for you. I'm "Paul Bellow#6218"...Would love to at least hear what it's about and see if it's a fit. The LitRPG Reads audience is gamer heavy.

I've been up all night getting this book out the door, so excuse me if I sound a bit wonky this early Friday morning.

Thanks for letting me share some of my life outside of Zero-K with you.

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