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Initial metal reserve setting

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First off - its a really nice feature! One small thing tho:

If I set my Initial metal reserve to 0.05, I'll initally have 25 metal in storage (5% of 500). So far so good.
But if I build a metal storage and my metal storage capacity increases to 1000, its still 25 reserve - shouldn't it increase to 50 metal then?

Would be cool if this could be "fixed".
When u have m-storage(s) lategame you are also much more likely to need a bigger lump of metal at once, so imo it would make sense for it to scale accordingly to storage capacity.
i.e.: 0.05, 5 storages and com - 3000 storage capacity = 150 reserve).
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6 months ago
TBH it makes more sense for it to not scale, as the cost of units you make doesn't scale with the amount of metal you can have in storage.
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6 months ago
It doesn't scale because if you want to be able to boost out, say, an antinuke, you want a fixed reserve level.
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6 months ago
The cost of units doesnt scale with the amount of metal you can have in storage, thats true. You can begin building a Starlight in the first second of the game.

However, early game (when u have low storage), having enough metal to boost a LLT can make a impact.
As the game progresses and your economy scales your storage cap (usually) increases - and by then having enough metal to boost a LLT will mostly be irrelevant.
You can set your storage level higher from the beginning, but then you are going to screw over ur early game by always having a couple raiders less than your opponent.
Also, ofc you can manually adjust your metal reserve over the course of the game... but damn, thats cumbersome.
Probably not worth the effort except for some super-rare cases.

But as a few seem to be happy with the fixed reserve level, how about just adding the option to have a scaling inital metal reserve?
So there would be 3 options:
[ ] No metal reserve
[ ] Non-scaling metal reserve (amount: ___) (aka: What metal storage currently is)
[ ] Scaling metal reserve (Enter % of total storage capacity)
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