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Which custom skin is suitable for sneaky playstyle?

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3 months ago
I have chosen Support Green Skin, and now to gain another: my first priority could be strike because the default skin is not appealing to me. BTW: I do not use guardian commander.
Then which to get for Strike commander, and recon commander being the next.
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3 months ago
Normal skin

Why? Because it makes ur com blend in with the other coms pre cloaker.
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3 months ago
Both strike skins are optimised for the cloaky assassin playstyle.

Renegade aka black and red: because black is the color of night, and red is the color of bloody tears your enemies will cry when you dgun their stuff.

Chitin aka lobster skin: because as a cloaked sneaky assassin, you are always cloaked, so noone knows you're a lobster. Until you're dead for some reason, and they realize that all this terror they experienced at your hands was caused by a lobster.
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