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Moderators Are Trash.

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14 months ago
Moderators are garbage. particularly that aqua sissy dipshit who picks sides in arguments then gives warnings for "toxic" behavior while letting his friends say whatever they want and insult people then banning when the other guy argues back.

Not impressed. Go ahead and give me a lifetime ban i would be better off rather than playing in this garbage community that picks and chooses specific people to ban while ignoring and encouraging others.
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14 months ago
If you think Hellaciouss is my friend you have another think coming.

Hellaciouss did not behave well in your conversation and was actioned. He did not, however, call anybody a "faggot" or a "fucking retard". That was all you.
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14 months ago
at first I thought you meant the unit
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14 months ago
[14:56] Hellaciouss: enough that if 3 scrubs didn't quit
[14:56] Hellaciouss: this is why i just eco and strider
[14:56] Nightwatch BATTLE DETAILS AND REPLAY ----> http://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/717561 <-----
[14:56] EtSuRii: too many useless people for multi lane game lets do icy run
[14:56] Hellaciouss: idgaf anymore
[14:56] EtSuRii: !vote 1
[14:56] Hellaciouss: ^
[14:56] EtSuRii: ya i got basically 1v3d in mid
[14:56] Najarn: !y
[14:57] Hellaciouss: you could have saved your com
[14:57] Hellaciouss: but you suck
[14:57] Hellaciouss: what's new
[14:57] Thrankos: its been more than a year since i last played but i remember you etusri
[14:57] EtSuRii: shut up faggot you are trash
[14:57] Thrankos: still a bad player
[14:57] Kingstad: hey hey hey
[14:57] Aquanim: all of you shut up
[14:57] Hellaciouss: held out 3v1 far longer then you did
[14:57] Aquanim: next abuse is a ban
[14:57] Hellaciouss: what did you do
[14:57] Hellaciouss: oh, built 1 unit, lost com and unit, rage quit
[14:57] EtSuRii: built more than one unit
[14:57] Hellaciouss: oh did you built 2 ogres
[14:57] GoogleFrog: !poll start
[14:57] voxan: !y
[14:58] Najarn: !y
[14:58] EtSuRii: and you only held on because i kept them away long enough
[14:58] Hellaciouss: gj
[14:58] GoogleFrog: regardless
[14:58] Archangel: !y
[14:58] Hellaciouss: you got me on that one
[14:58] EtSuRii: you didnt even make right unit
[14:58] EtSuRii: and went bad fac for mid
[14:58] Hellaciouss: ban people who resign in first 5 minutes imo
[14:58] Hellaciouss: i went 1v3 for how long?
[14:58] Hellaciouss: you went for 2 minutes and rage quit
[14:58] EtSuRii: ban trash players who are useless garbage like hellacious
[14:58] GoogleFrog: the racketeer didn't come online fast enough
[14:58] Hellaciouss: if you'd have helped kill the flamer
[14:58] Kingstad: !y
[14:58] Nightwatch forcing AFK to spectator
[14:58] Nightwatch 7 players balanced ClanWise to 2 teams ( ( 1=51%) : 2=49%)). 16 combinations checked, spent 0ms of CPU time
[14:59] EtSuRii: i had an ogre going towards flamer you absoulte fucking retard
[14:59] Hellaciouss: literally needed 10 more seconds to have 3 rackateers up front and you quit cause you wanted 10 seconds of useless reclaim inste
[14:59] Aquanim: thats enough
[14:59] Aquanim: oh right thats still not fixed
[14:59] Thrankos: not a nice person for a canadian
[15:00] Aquanim: !kick EtSuRii
[15:00] EtSuRii: kick me for calling out idiots great
[15:00] Aquanim: i banned him
[15:00] Aquanim: for an hour
[15:00] Aquanim: you didnt behave well there either Hellaciouss
[15:00] Kingstad: you can do it with less "fucking retard"
[15:01] Aquanim: consider yourself warned

USrankHellaciouss didn't come out looking good, but you came out worse. He got a warning. To clarify things, CArankEtSuRii got a 1 hour ban.
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Yeah, the trolling title got my attention. Peace.
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14 months ago
Right so he started shit but only gets a warning because his words were less naughty then mine. great. Ill start being more passive aggressive rather than calling a spade a spade i guess.
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I warned that the next instance of abuse would be a ban.

Following that Hellacious chilled out at least a little bit, and you called him a "trash players who [is] useless garbage" and an "absoulte fucking retard".

(I agree that Hellacious was marginally more at fault for starting the argument than you, but you both participated in the escalation from a relatively tame starting point.)
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I'm pretty sure I have 0 moderator friends.

They all hate me equally.

EDIT: Attempt to provoke further argument with EtSuRii removed by moderator.
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14 months ago
Take this time out from the forum USrankHellaciouss to think about whether pursuing that conversation at this time, in this place, was a good idea.
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14 months ago
Wow, drama is a thing lately.
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You know, the first thing I do in the morning is open zk forum on my laptop searching for a new drama...
And here it is, what can I say... your day hasn't been wasted in vain ^^
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14 months ago
Astran, Hellaciouss is a thing lately. He seems to have a knack of always being involved, maybe its others? idk
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14 months ago
Yeah Hellaciouss isn't exactly subtle, 4hundred. I'm hoping he settles down sooner rather than later.
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14 months ago
Moderators certainly aren't trash, they play a burst damage role that can, normally, be effective against short ranged assaults or riots, in addition to slow damage. They do fall short when it comes to defending them in small numbers however, as they have a long reload time and overkill very easily. A swarm of fleas could easily dispatch a group of unprotected moderators, and thats where i find the misconception of them being "trash" comes from.

In conclusion; moderators aren't a standalone unit, they require support from units like placeholders. Placeholders help moderators by trapping raiders in a single place for moderators to kill them, at a safe distance of course, and usually raises enemies above the moderators normal line of sight, which allows for moderators to fire over eachother.

Moderators are not trash, they are a key part of the jumpbot factory, in the sense that they act as one of the primary ways the factory can fight riots and assaults.
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It would be great to have placeholders to prevent various raiders from escalating conflict to levels that require moderator overkill.
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14 months ago

this is a instant play browser game yo
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14 months ago

Moderator is too flimsy, I think the unit is deceptively expensive for its strength, considering it can't even skirm properly, in my experience mass moderators usually waste their slow on the same target, letting other assault to overtake them.

personally, I would like to see a slight buff to metal cost, everything in jumpjet are too expensive and easily lost, they are quite situationally strong though. I am unsure how they should be balance wise

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14 months ago
Personally i don't think lowering the cost of moderators would help, in fact, it might be a bit more detrimental.
Lowering the cost would encourage people to mass more moderators; moderators don't have a firing arc like most skirms, so when one moderator is blocked by another, it simply won't fire. I personally find this is what hurts the moderators effectiveness above all else.

What could be done? Maybe let them fire through each other; hear me out, Pyros already got this buff because they couldn't fire through each other. When pyros couldn't shoot through each other, their effectiveness dropped pretty sharply because they couldn't handle swarms of raiders as effectively as they should have.

Now obviously i understand that you shouldn't ball up units in the first place, but when it comes to moderators, thats just sometimes unavoidable, they don't try to circle an enemy when using an attack order, they walk up to it, and back peddle, like a normal skirmisher, however this usually results in a portion of the moderators simply being unable to fire.

Would it be OP to let them fire through eachother?
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14 months ago
Moderators (admins) \ Moderators (unit)

Lets merge them into one thing and make them shoot laser into the eyes of drama stoking soap opera addicts
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14 months ago

huhm, I agree somewhat to your premise

maybe the buff need not be with letting the moderator fire through each other but updating the unit AI so they auto jiggle/ spread out?
food for thought

the cost buff I suggested mainly because jj factory cost too much, IMO.
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