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13 months ago
is c# the bet language to write a game in?.. i want to make my own grid based top down 2d game

i know it will take years to learn
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13 months ago
I started C++ years ago, never really got too far. It seems powerful but it wasn't that easy to learn. Lots of the widgets in ZK are apparently written in LUA
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13 months ago
It depends on which engine your using

Unity: is C# / java Script but most tutorials are in c# i think
I started to learn how to code with unity and would recommend since you can follow along with many tutorials.

Godot: custom language but relatively new and clunky (at least for me) poor 3d game support last time i checked

Game Maker: never used it but i heard its good to start out.

You can also make your own engine? I only tried to do this in java but it takes a lot of work would not recommend until you are
at least comfortable with making games.
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13 months ago
I think the most important part is that you're comfortable with writing a large maintainable project in that language. One language might be able to express something easier than another one, but in my experience the most important part is to be able to keep your code in a state where you enjoy working further on it.

Personally that's why I stuck to infra development. The way Licho organized it I can understand fairly well where each part belongs and how to debug it. I'm not that well versed in gdb and have trouble keeping the Lua structure of ZK/Chobby in mind.

Keep in mind that this is probably more dependent on the programmer and their preferences, not the language itself.
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Godot also does C#, Python and a bunch of other non-crazy languages (as opposed to its inhouse gdscript) now via GDNative.
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13 months ago
i tried some python and i liked its ease of use but i was worried it would run slowly. c python must be allot faster though
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