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new strider i design -lobster strider

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okay guys still can't fix the 503 forbidden
so use pasteboard gonan fix that promblem later.

any who here is my design. i was thinking there is no design for aquatic monsters like a scorpion type lobster and since we talk about lob lob lob all day. it should be fair their is one species like that.

yes the lobster strider later i'll introduce 10 ideas i had about new units, redisgn old units and 2 tabletop ideas for zero-k

press on the image even if it is broken it is not. and it takes u to pasteboard
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Use imgur instead. Also: radar does not detect subs! sonar does.
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11 days ago
thanks i will. i made mor epics new bombers and star fighters, and made 3 new concepts for tactics in zero-k
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11 days ago
That is an amphibious scorpion.
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11 days ago
Can it launch ducks?
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10 days ago
i missed the levler-sidearm ;-)
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9 days ago
I think claws should be crushing power, not stun. Maybe even can grab and immobilize.
D-Gun would be good as a speed burst charge in a straight line. (looked again... "booster to impulse" you already got that then, cool!)

sweet concept!

ps... Kraken as a strider would be legit.
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9 days ago
Pull-only gravity beams on the claws, and a melee attack similar to Jack?

I feel it should also have depth charges, possibly just the scallop style ones.
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Yes, we need a strider that pulls in its prey and then violently bursts it into pieces! Once your commander gets into pulling range you can just watch him get squashed into pieces.

Unlike sumo it needs to be slower but harder to escape. Unlike jack it needs to properly squash kill with a nice crunch.
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