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motorcycle lobsters!

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9 months ago
do we have lobsters riding motorcycle here?
if yes: how long u been riding, what bikes u owned, where u been already (tour etc)?
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Motorcycles: (Past)

MZ TS 150
Hyosung GA 125 Cruise I
XJ 900
TDM 850 (one of my Fav)
YBR 125
XTZ 1200 Super Tenere (my last motorcyle)

I have started many holidays on motorcyle.


more after 5 holidays i have see more Kroatien


Garda See:

Most Fav. Bike:

Now i must sleep...
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XJ 900
TDM 850 (one of my Fav)
XTZ 1200 Super Tenere (my last motorcyle)
and your tour to croatia!

my past bikes:
yamaha xj600 diversion
yamaha xt600 (most fun bike ever! been in croatia with it too, in Pula)

honda cb500 (still got it)
honda cbr 600f
suzuki gsxr 750 (still got it but engine damaged)

kawasaki ninja zx9r (first engine blew up (kolbenfresser), then swapped engine and later transmission damaged, this bike was very unlucky)

repainted after engine swap

i just bought a suzuki gsxr 1000 k3. i already been on nürburgring with it.
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9 months ago
Been a riding lobster 45 years.

Current bikes:
Honda ST1300
Suzuki DL650
Honda Transalp 600
Honda XL350r
Yamaha TW200

Past bikes"
Suzuki PE 175
Suzuki TS 125
Holda XL500
Honda CB750k
kawi KX750
Kawi Vulcan 900
Suzuli DL650

I've put about 100,000 miles on bikes in the last 9 years, all touring in the USA. My longest trip was 4,500 miles in 11 days. Lucky to live in a very large and diverse country.
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9 months ago

4,500 miles in 11 days

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9 months ago
I am on two wheels for 9 years.
Forl ast five years i am happy owner of Yamaha Drag Star 650 - this is my third motorcycle,

i roamed alot in my country - Ukraine, longest journey was about 2000km in two weeks. Best speed for me 80km/h. I dont like to hurry.

My previuos motocycles was:

First one - heavy soviet motocycle "MT-11" (Dnipro-11) 650cc 25 years old. Super heavy - without sidecar it weight 270kg (with side car 315kg), it was real challenge to ride it without sidecar (those time i was young and my weight was 54kg) but it was huge and cheap so i bought it. Served me for three years. Current state - faced lack of spare parts, dissasembled in to pieces, occupies a corner in my garage.

Second one - Chinese clone of Yamaha Virago 250cc, it was light and cheap, but after four month of usage i faced a lot of issues due poor quality: find burnt out holes in exhaust, really crap electric wires, and problems with engine. Current state - sold.
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9 months ago
that lucky lboster xivender make me so jealous of his bike -_-
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9 months ago
that dragstar looks shit hot aswell for tours and stuff
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