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tutorial translation

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12 months ago

i'm new there sorry if i'm at the wrong place to ask this kind of thing.

I downloaded this game to play with a friend, only thing is he doesn't speak/read english, at least not good enough to understand the tutorial and therefore how to play the game properly.
I'm willing to translate the tutorial to french since there's not a lot of text, but I was wondering if such a thing was possible, and if so, how ?

Thank you!
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Hey, here are the translation files: https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K/tree/master/LuaUI/Configs/lang

@edit: however I see that mission details are in some other place. I don't know where, I'll let some admin clarify.
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12 months ago
PLrankZenfur those don't work for this application. Currently the lobby and the campaign can't be translated.
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12 months ago
can't we add it to here?
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12 months ago
It would need to have the hooks in the actual mission code first, then it can be translated.
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