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Stop Replays When Joining an Existing Game

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Can we stop the replay when joining an existing to live game? I would rather jump into a live game versus sometimes having to wait on the 10-15 minute replay.
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5 months ago
I like watching replays of 1v1s and small teams, but lobster pot replay usually isn't very interesting- and there might be an ongoing conversation among spectators that I might not catch up to either. I like this idea, so long as it's a toggle.
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5 months ago
At the moment, due to engine limitations it is not possible to jump directly into an ongoing game - the current game state can only be reproduced by watching the 'replay'. There are noises about engine changes to address this but I don't know how practical they will be in a live-game situation (all the players may be required to pause for instance, which they are unlikely to be willing to do for a spectator).
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