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-NO ELO Option doesn't Work. Confirmed

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49 days ago
After playing around 300hs of Zero-K with many friends i invited to play to try n' fall in love with this game

I find a kind of dissapointed feeling after finding out you can't actually play fun/meme custom games with your friends without turning off "elo" so you can try and do crazy/weird stuff strats with your buddies just for fun.

As for now, the game was like an rts miracle for us, but this kind of hitted us in the friendship spot, you can't goof around and play some casual games with your friends cause your player elo gets boosted or reduced depending on the game outcome regardless of "no-elo" active on the games we played (+200 games) so it's 100% confirmed
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49 days ago
I fixed it for the next update. Unfortunately this first came up when I was away.
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49 days ago

"I fixed it for the next update. Unfortunately this first came up when I was away."

Oh really? thanks you! when is this update going live?

-We really want to play around and be able to join random custom battles and have some fun without minding the Elo lost for playing more relaxed, and having a break of the -Asian Pro Playing/you blink you lose Mode- for a while.

KUDOS! and thanks for the qucik reply AUrankAdminGoogleFrog !
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I suppose DErankAdminDeinFreund is able to retro-actively make sure that all historic games tagged with no-elo are treated properly. Especially if that can patch feelings of your buddies ;-)

Also this may be another drop in bucket of reasons to hide casual elo/casual ladder... However we've been there at some point.
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49 days ago
Please link the games that were mistakenly ranked, then they can be retroactively removed from ratings.
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49 days ago
Oh my... you guys are the best n' most supportive devs i've seen.

Thanks you so much!! I'm stunned!

Also, about the games to link that had the no-elo tag, they are more than a few, but the last ones, that triggered some frown faces on some of my friends who got their Elo really messed up, cause they where just having fun on our custom online games, would be really appreciated!

these are some of the last ones:
Multiplayer B729514 6 on TheRockJungle
Multiplayer B729506 6 on Calamity 1.1
Bots B729468 4 on Calamity 1.1
Bots B729443 3 on Vein
Multiplayer B729164 5 on SplinteredTropicsV3
Multiplayer B729159 6 on Calamity 1.1
Multiplayer B729179 6 on Melt_V2
Multiplayer B726912 5 on Wanderlust v03
Multiplayer B726897 7 on FataMorganaV2

We're really glad that we will be able to split our games into Competitive & Fun/Goofy meme matches to just enjoy and have a blast with friends without the Elo putting pressure between friends <3

You guys know when the Update fixing the No-Elo bug will be released?

We kind of uncertain about playing new VS. just for fun games between us if that messes everybody's personal competitive Elo (wich is not relevant, nor has anything to do with these kind of custom games we playing)

<3 So much love for you guys!
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Multiplayer B729893 6 on Titan v3.1 Multiplayer B730537 2 on Into Battle v4 These game also had no elo, but we still messed up our friend's elo, when is the update releasing? :S
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48 days ago
It depends on what else might want to make it into the update, and whether there is a release notes picture available. I'd expect a release within a few weeks, perhaps even around this weekend.
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48 days ago
AUrankAdminGoogleFrog I can take pictures for you if you tell what its supposed to picture.
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46 days ago
That is part of the task.
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46 days ago
We happy to help if we can collaborate somehow, at your service!

By the way, there's a game feature that is kind of exploitable, 2 of my friends, were playing 1v1 on a custom game.

The one that hosted, before being defeated, kicked the other player who was winning, and claimed victory "by kicking him"

is that intented? does Elo get affected?
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46 days ago
That sounds more like a social problem. Such problems are weighed against the cost of making hosted rooms harder for the host to manage. In theory we could make a command that makes a host abdicate, but it sounds low priority.
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46 days ago
Maybe any game where a kick happened should be noElo by default?
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46 days ago
AUrankAdminGoogleFrog : let me rephrase: I can take the picture for you when I know the changelog.
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43 days ago
The kick idea sounds great, but could be expanded a bit more, 4 example on a 2v2 the hosts and his team mate are losing, so the host kicks his team mate, so they don't lose elo (on a 2v2 custom elo match case)

We are Really to the edge of our seats waiting for that No-Elo update.

Cause literally, it may be a social problem, so many friends have already scaled up the elo thing to a personal level, to the point they don't want to play with each other anymore since the "elo kick to win" bug was used.

I'm really a big fan of Zero-K my self, since i found it, and that's a big word since i REALLY loved Sup-Comm and TA

So, i'm Sending you my whole energy n' metal reserves worth of cheers and strenghts so you can keep up the good work n' fire that update across the sky, like a healing rainbow, and hoping for these guys to come back together n' play some good Zero-K again as friends once more!

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42 days ago
To help the new version along you could do some testing. It should just work, so this would effectively give you a way to use noelo before the main release. To test make a Custom, Passworded room and do '!game zk:test'. You can change the game type and password after setting the version.
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