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community corosion

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3 months ago

Itsa me. rooksio :)

Listen. i apreciate the ban, however there is larger thing in a room and it needs to be addresed now before it will lose momentum. There are people here that did heavy IT work, and know how to setup servers, who know people with spare VM in some corporate farm to host it all in a tight little package with simple registration, phpbb and ftp and other thingies... Just as i offered you budling zk to some mainstream distro if you would play ball with more relaxed and some vegan message... Who did things like ludumdare

vid below

a 48hour long all weekend gamedev competition just for sport to take a break from real thing... Or guys who did pack a 3minute video with music to a 4kb of executable also for sport...


So when im saying fork can be done its because i did heavier than that.. and people really liked it back when it was 400+ player strong on wendsday afternoon when it was peer driven, maps and units were lulzy and uncensored and unnerfed as they are today (hello surfboard+few other things you should leave out as mod options instead of throwing banhammer on it).. you guys are sinking this cool place and its not only my opinion, also Chesti points it out, or bomberman or manyothers that you guys are acting out like american smalltown cops vs strangers who "dont belong 'ere, dammit" instead of letting things flow and being for users you act as user farmers.. you impose something artificial.

So when im saying fork is coming no amount of bans will stop it if i will feel like getting back to it after figuring out veganism, its just gonna happen because you elbowed out of here anyone who cared and people will jump in on it since they really look for something with momentum and balls instead of hugepudge of nerfed stuff...

Back where i came from calling people idiots is a norm when they are idiots and you guys dont take it here as a clue to figure out own stuff to grow on it, but take it personally. What you guys hiding from real life by being authoritarian as that will come out eventually... in real life cops eventually shoot themself after realising who they are... just want to help you guys... you walk down that path and i was raised in that setting. That authoritarian bubble will come down hard if you will persist. Reality is stronger. Too bad youre using this community as a wager in some little crap of yours...

And yea you might do some feel-good empty actions as pulling outof context history to suit your agenda to silence anti war addon of mine at captaintoottoot zk clone, because its reall whats happening here, isnt it? :) But it will do you no good. I have notes from it since i might use it as a faction in fork where you can play as chickens in rl game with plopping roosts as commander addon or something :)

So yea. The vacation from it will continue as i wanted it in first place.. kinda sucks you guys take anything literally here and go territorial at any hint of improvements. So maybe tell someone you love them in rl, because it really shows you guys are bunch of SIFs running once vibrant community to a ground with your assertiveness and overall being posers.

One love

So yea dont worry, not further action will be made til lthe ban will expire, or whater else youll chose do to about it to uphold illusion of power, or till i will start carring about it to return here from my vacation :)

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3 months ago
wheres the tl;dr?
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3 months ago
chesti or bomberman say small town cops in the community :O i think u have angermanagement promblem cuz u don't really say what u really want to say and ommiting your real intention. speak honestly and do not include your ban situation in this ;D simple.
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