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AI is broken

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4 months ago
i play against AI and it used to defend the start base. now it just abandons it and the other AI destroy it. the AI used to build a few AA, now even after detecting a ton of aircraft, it builds max 3 of the cheapest AA.

hard AI used to be something to fear. now i play against brutal and after the initial attempt to rush they are @#$%^. i can just build aircraft and level them with ease, they can't be bothered to build AA

i am not even talking about the non aa fixed defenses. if those are existent, they are so rare, they are deterrent only for the lone weakest units

please fix AI
thank you
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4 months ago
Maybe you reached the point where 1 Ai just isnt a challange anymore.

There are many people that need at least 2 brutal Ai's and maybe a challenging map to have some difficulty in such games.

So what you can do is:
1. Go for brutal Ai.
2. Choose a very hard map, many people play on Comet Catcher Redux, because it is very big and you need to defend alot of ground.
3. Dont use the "easy way" when you say you used gs, you probably had many nimbus. Thats probably the easiest way to beat AI's. Try to avoid units like that. (i personnaly try to not use mass snipers, mass heavy tanks, any strider or superweapon, any porc that goes beyond stinger, Slashers make it also very easy to controll large areas) basically all units that make cost without any effort...
4. You could give the Ai an inactive Ai as a support income.
5. Fight 2 AI's at the same time. They expand faster and you need to counter more different units. Carefull when you fight 3 ai, 1 will be air or gs.
6. Avoid hard eco. only solar and wind?
7. Give the ai an headstart. Start the game and wait 1 minute before you start playing.
8. Try to do certain challanges. Beat brutal ai without any porc on Comet Catcher redux.
9. Do an only glaive game against two Brutals on Melange (24x24 map) thats not easy either.

I guess you got some choice now.
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4 months ago
Something has changed with the AI.
I win like every time against "brutal".
Normally i struggle against "normal".
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links to replays please

Remember that the AI doesn't cheat - if you are playing against any difficulty but Brutal, you are infact playing against Brutal with brain damage.

edit - AI winning a FFA today: http://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/740601?ShowWinners=True
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4 months ago
I agree 1v0ry_k1ng...yes, BRUTAL AI hasn't changed.

However Hard and Normal have. Here are two games, Pre and Post 06/19/19 updates, to show the difference:

Pre Update
Notice AI puts up lotus's and defenses.

Post Update
No lotus's at all!!

I've been finding this consistently since. But I've noticed Brutal AI seems unaffected.

Hard AI was a challenge depending on the map. I wanted to beat it consistently on most maps before moving on to Brutal. Good way to gauge improvement.

So yes, blueHoneyBadger, the AI IS BROKEN!
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4 months ago
Let me amend my observations on Brutal AI statement. It SEEMS like brutal is unaffected. However some might have found otherwise, since I haven't played against it much.
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4 months ago
if i was i pirate from long ago in 1404 i would be confused and i would say "broken ai have you me'mate. easy to fix ai, if you got an eye-patch"
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4 months ago
Where do I find the replays for single player skirmish games?
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4 months ago
i already moved to fight brutal. i am crushing it. 7 brutals + me, everyone for himself.
ok, i will make a game and post the link here soon
i like very big maps. my most recent is IcySea-v2
"Try to avoid units like that."
that is a joke, right? the AI uses long range arty and i should just let them slide?
also, i am not that kind of player. i usually go for either very long range arty (think big bertha) to crush significant resistance, or sky fortresses.
i tried challenges. like building on the edge, with AI in the center and edge. i keep the edge ones at distance, the center one at some point takes control of ALL the center, eliminating the competing AI, then it just... stops wanting to get out of there, even if it has arty and aircraft. it just launches weak attacks (i play turtle most of the time), and even if i produce like 1/10 of what it produces, i still manage to big bertha most of what is significant there, then just level it with other means
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if your enemy is using heavy arty you already did something wrong. yes you can win with things like bertha because the ai has no idea how to counter it. if you just want to win go for it. i think anir assumes you want to improve. if so, you should learn hard raiding first. it´s possible to win the game in 5 min. but as said, if you just want to beat the ai, do what works.
oh and btw if you are playing against brutal that has about 10 times your income AND YOU SURVIVE, then brutal really is broken.
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DErankkatastrophe is right.
You need to accept that at a certain point the AI isnt a challange anymore, and never again will be.
Reason: Brain > Computer.
To make it a challange again you need to follow personal rules.
Also a nice rule: win only by using 1 unit. (i like glaives)
or the slightly easier challange, 1 factory.

Ps. All i wrote was meant serious. I mean, if you get 3 ddms, 2 annihilators and maybe 1 behemoth standing in a corner, the AI will probably nearly never break that. or at least take a long time. Going for bb then is just broken.
And sry (no insult) but its childs gameplay just spectate some teamgames, good players never go for berthas. There is no challange in doing so, they are broken anyway and they can be way more efficient with simple units then with berthas.
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4 months ago
I think non-cheating AI that beats most meatbags is achievable goal in zeroK. Circuit still has a lot of low hanging fruit type changes or additions that could be made
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4 months ago

Get's very ugly from 5 mins forward.
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4 months ago
I can confirm, that the AI got buggy.
I used to play a slightly older version, maybe like half a year old.
the Normal AI was enough to keep me struggling, i was winning 70% of the games.
I remembered to check for updates and installed the new version after i lost. Suddenly after the Updates the Normal AI was like braindead.
it send just some few raiders at the beginning and then is was just building mexes, sometimes a laser turret.
I can confirm, that my abilities have increased since my first game. But within half an hour? No.

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4 months ago
replay link pls
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