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Bug: Terrain texture broken after save then load

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4 months ago
there are two bugs I discovered.
1) after save then load any terraformed land will NOT have the terraformed texture but the default map texture (this was fixed before but has now been broken again)

2) unit groups are not saved and loaded
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4 months ago
The old save system is not getting fixed. The new one will be enabled once I test a few things and put it in a release.
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What are the improvements in the new save system?

Is it almost done?

Will it fix all the issues with the current save system? Some of the issues just off the top of my head:
-texture not preserved anymore for terraformed terrain (this was fixed in the past and broken again)
-unit groups not saved
-no multiplayer save/load

Will it support saving and loading multiplayer games? This feature is really important to me. I like playing long games with people and being able to rejoin those games later with the same or different people is really important to me. No verification of users is needed just a screen to allow selecting who you will play as when loading the game.

ps. there is another bug I found yesterday when playing against a brutal AI in skirmish (no save/load used) and the AI stopped using it's factory once it's commander was destroyed early game (i used /cheat and spawned in some units for myself). The AI had power and mass taken, and a factory to build units with yet it did nothing. I think the AI might not be getting resrouces or there is some other bug when it's commander is destroyed.

Will the save system be able to load saves made in previous versions of the game? It's really frustrating as my previous saved games have failed to load many times now after the game has been updated. They just load a bare map with no units or buildings and they are unusable.
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3 months ago
there are bugs with the new system. Please see my other post titled " update: Bugs with the new save system"
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