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Campaign Missions Speed Run Challenge

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4 months ago
I enjoy trying different strategies on the campaign missions to see if I can come up with a optimal way to approach them. We could have a pretty fun contest to see who can get the best time WHILE beating the 5 or 10 hardest missions. Since everyone takes different paths through the campaign we would need assume that all units are available to everyone.

Here are a few proposed ground rules.

1) No super weapons or nukes or Bertha on missions that did not include them
2) Pausing and slowing down the speed is allowed
3) Teaming up with shared units is allowed
4) Must be completed on brutal
5) Must complete all Bonus objectives

A few missions I have found difficult:

Anyone interested?

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4 months ago
Sounds interesting, I'll have a go at some.
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4 months ago
Just an outright speedrun on brutal with no rules would be cool!
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4 months ago
Just an outright speedrun on brutal with no rules would be cool!

That already includes a "must be on brutal" rule
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4 months ago
GBrank[GBC]1v0ry_k1ng - The only restrictive rule I included is the no super weapons which I'm happy to drop. I'm mostly just starting the conversation. So anything goes, on brutal and complete all bonus objectives. sounds good to me.

I restarted the campaign a while back so I don't have access to all of thee mission right now. What are spme of the oter difficult missions that people whine about? Kirdipan could be added since it's sorta unique and maybe that one f'n mission where you had to scuttle all of the Minotaurs and dantes.
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