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exploit bug

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after discovering a cheap reliable way to send claymores into space above enemy base with enough time to drop several bombs

i discovered the bombs they drop fly back and forth across whole map bouncing off everything and exploding on contact with units.. it was hilarious and scary =D

sadly i think this might be classed as an exploit if fire-pluck learns how to do it

i used 10 newtons to do it.. a raised pillar holding 4 newton with the back 2 newton on pull and 6 newton on ground behind the pillar. i used a lobster to throw the claymore over the device. its quite effective due to the bouncing bombs

i tried allot of new things but ill save some of the secrets for tonight
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9 months ago
Was just mucking about with this, trying other units out. Apparently newtons don't even try to push Scylla for some reason. Was trying to fly by tacnuk...
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did you try lobster it first? or literally wont target it?
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aint a bug
is just another version of zenfurs private feature

ur free to demonstrate this in 32 player clusterfuck multiple times in a row and ruin the game for all of them, no matter other players want to play instead of wasting hours for bullshit
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Lobster-vator became a bug when it was demonstrated to actually be both effective and not counterable in a reasonable manner. Use of it after the game in which that was established and demonstrated to the developers would have been actionable.

I don't think it's obvious flinging Claymores across the map meets those criteria.
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the flying claymore is not the bug tho.. its the bugged out bomb that when it falls from a mile high travels around map like a bullet

but on further tests it was not very good.. and not very good is not very exploit
in true claymore styles you could just as easy blow up own base
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9 months ago
Make a replay of the bug.
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the replay is 2:40 long to get to the single example of it occurring.. i tried to take pictures of it and i posted replay but i missed the event and i removed the replay from here to save people from an utterly boring test session

if i can recreate it later ill post a replay
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