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When map changes, auto hosts has 16+ peoples, these map provided was boring.

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I don't understand what is unsupported maps and not featured maps, these map not in the whitelist was not fun?

I never seen a big team game was speed metal map from 20190801, and I never seen http://zero-k.info/Maps/Detail/21913 this map could be play on big team now. We early before big team did played this map. Why now we can't? There 1 years ago we could do change map to those map.


Speaking about title, I wonder why such good map can not be choose, only vote changes on auto host 16+ peoples? It doesn't apparently small, just fits on big team.

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4 months ago
Speed metal is a game mode that has been solved.

Speed metal has killed the team room many, MANY times when it has been voted in.
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2 roles exist.. front-line spammer or backline eco+super/air do both and 50% chance to loose anyway
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