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Weapon effects changed to black boxes

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Somehow Zero-k decided it is time to remove special effects and change everything to black boxes. I dont know what caused this bug as I was only spectating and didnt change anything. This happened after I spectated 3 other games in a row.

It seems to be a problem with the map Zed 2.3. as I didnt have this bug the next game on Inculta. Or somehow sth broke while watching, but the infolog is too big for spoiler and for pastebin i guess i cant upload it.

A collection of in game pictures I made can be found here https://imgur.com/a/7eYsrW4

Some where you can see the bug especially well are these:

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8 months ago
It's the black hole of resignation!
New type of secret weapon develobbed deep inside troll labs - as soon u see it hypnotises you and makes you to ... RESIGN!
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8 months ago
can confirm have that from time to time, sometimes even colorful LSD-effects (inb4 sarcasm from DErankkatastrophe)
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8 months ago
Sounds to me like texture issues. Have you tried:

1. Verifying game files?
2. Changing graphics settings?
3. Updating drivers?

What is your system info?
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I didnt have this bug the next game on Inculta

Zero-k isnt broken but rather it seems that there is a bug which does kill weapon effects and uses black boxes instead.

If anyone wants to look at my "small" info log... it is my edit history from the first post.
check 9/17/2019 8:36:39 PM and press Diff selected
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8 months ago
It would be cool if it was an effect. It looks like Hadō #90.
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8 months ago
Does it only occur on Zed? It just looks like some files have not loaded.
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8 months ago
I watched the replay of that Zed game again and it did not have any black boxes. It seems to be some kind of rare bug where Zero-k fails to properly load the weapon effect files.
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