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Greetings from Starcraft - new to Zero-k

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11 months ago
Hello all,

As many of you might have heard, Blizzard, the company responsible for Starcraft, are in the news for their actions against a Chinese Hearthstone player

On the back of this, the Starcraft reddit posted suggestions for other RTS' and this game was given

First of all, i've only been doing skirmishes and the campaign but I'm very impressed at what's been put together. Especially since it's been built by players

The scale of engagements seems huge and i'm eager to try big team games once I know what I'm doing! It's definitely at a different pace but I like that you can be more strategic. I also really appreciate that this runs on Linux. My humble little X220 is handling it like a champ

So I do hope that more of my Starcraft peers who care about the companies/people who develop their games come and check this out. I look forward to learning more and getting better

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11 months ago
welcome! enjoy the game. do not hesitate to ask.
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Not a ZK thing, afaik

Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our age!...

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Hi and welcome to the community :)

Friendly reminder re. preceding post: please keep political discussions in the Asylum subforum and #off-topic chat/Discord channel. (It's not totally obvious to me that that post crosses the line but any replies easily could.)

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11 months ago
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11 months ago
Off course I would welcome more Chinese players!

however text and images within this post my not pass their firewall, but if they do, welcome!
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11 months ago
Hello GBrankpvpizza

Enjoy our dear game and community. Some warning about bigger games: bigger battles (5v5+) often require stronger hardware to enjoy.
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Hi GBrankpvpizza if you need some help to find into the game...

here is a very short guide for other RTS players

and if you are looking for more advanced stuff, the video tutorials explain many topics very good in my opinion
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11 months ago
Enjoy our sexy non-cheating AI my friend!
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11 months ago
Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our age!...

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11 months ago
The whole Blizzard debacle was blown so badly out of proportions though. A player in a big money tournament knowingly acted against the tournament rules and got punished. That's all it was about, until people made it about something completely unrelated :/
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i do think there is a difference between having political discussions and going against totalitarian regimes.
to roughly quote someone, i think that systems that introduce personal ratings and internet firewalls are a threat to our open community and a thread to open communities as a whole.

I am aware that this post might have violated the CoC. I won´t post here anymore. but i just had to say this.
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V~ cencorship rating ~V

i wrote more but got CENSORED by mr ZERO-K
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Come on people, please don't make me have to moderate in someone's "hi I'm new" thread.
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11 months ago
sorry ill remove my post
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11 months ago
I've been Hong Kong 5 years ago, it was a very hot but clean place. Very expensive for anything, I don't get how people can afford living there.

It is sad Hong Kong is not beautiful on street since protesters destroyed a lot public structures.

Hong Kong is still their city, they fight their own dudes.

We Chinese can hardly understand what Hong Kong protesters really want as a whole.

I mean, what exactly they want, I cannot find and read real schdule or well written article by these protesting people.

I just saw some demostrations how-to-fight police officers.

I'm afraid Chinese I knew on Twitter are calm on this topic, laughing at some silly protesters with restricted/limited view/knowledge.

No side.

I don't want freedom, which is fake in the form of human.

I learnt things are done with consequences, while politics is about emphasize.

Silly me to express all above.

I drank half a glass of porter tonight, it poison me.

It's not a good season to visit China as I had my airpurer always on.

Zero-K forum are not blocked by the way.

Xi is not as expected.

We hate politics. Side whom? Hmm... Side * so you can live happier life ... hmm... We are simple, knew people protecting own profits after all.

Bad side, Chinese people have very few types of value. So politics is greater evil here.

People don't like to use English.

And Zero-K was actually translated only for Linux user, I have no intention to tell Windows Zero-K player about how-to use translated UI nevertheless they won't come over here.

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11 months ago
> We Chinese can hardly understand what Hong Kong protesters really want as a whole.

My understanding, they want to retain Western civil liberties that they enjoyed under dual UK/China ownership - democracy, transparent justice system, no censorship etc.
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If anybody has anything further to say about the Hong Kong situation please post it here instead. As per part 6 of the Code of Conduct, anything beyond this post in this thread is liable to be modactioned.
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11 months ago
I can feel Aquanim's stress.
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