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What is the speed of sound in Zero-K?

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20 days ago
I want to mod Archer to be support and take away the water gun and give it use a Sonic Blaster and make it stop to fire like Fencer so it will be useful by being able to crack the touch shell of a Scallop with a powerful impulse effect, but will still be eaten by a swarm of Ducks.

There is one clearly sonic weapon. It is Siren's Sonic Blaster and it travels at 700 elmo/s. Are all sonic weapons limited to that speed? Are Gauss weapons in Zero-K sonic weapons?
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20 days ago
Gauss is technically a railgun or something like that. Projectile speed is whatever you want it to be. There is no speed of sound in zk.
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19 days ago
If you really want to approach your design fluff-first, then my fluff for the sonic cannon is that it is some kind of a vortex gun and the vortex actually travels at speed different from the speed of sound.

However, i would suggest a balance-first approach where you can just write fluff around whatever the game needs.
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19 days ago
The speed of sound in ZK, as used for the Doppler effect for some in-world sounds, is 2744 elmo/s.
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5 days ago
It is finally revealed that 1 metre = 8 elmos.
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4 days ago
Someone Call MatPat!
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