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this is what i do when i can't sleep


what do you say

sea gameplay



Smite: hover strider (nebula comeback??)

unit canon
can armor down 75 % armor

9 k
40 build power
7k hp
can house and lauch up to 2.5k worth of metal
builds all units units tab >then fac menu>then units


Medus: floating strider (jellyfish shaped, tentacles could have additional function)

skyshield (counters silo(?),nuke,high trajectory drp, zenith, starlight)
has to be deployed
need 3 to stop starlight

5k hp
drains 70 e when deplyoed
takes +5sec to deploy
gives vision ?


Albatros; stealth bomber

different bomb types (like a silo)
cloaked ,also while firing (like snipe)
(warp able?)

6k hp
can build eos, napalm, shokey, quake, (nuke ?)

builds at 20m/sec


this is my first attempt at ????

so dont hold back
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siren can combat claymore when supported by heals.. and many siren with skeeter in spread can kill many claymore by focus fire.. but all of this is very hard to do with ships.. and easy with hovers unless you blow yourself up. + siren needs to give chase to kill claymore while claymore can hit and run or run by and deal scattered damage to many targets. yes claymore dies but if 1 bomb hits a cluster of eco/units it can easy make cost

oh and siren is super slow
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