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Zero-K v1.7.11.4 Tweaks and AI Fix

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The AI turned out to be a bit too keen to use the new Conjurer area cloak ability. Here is a quick fix for that, along with some other tweaks.
  • Fixed AI opponents always using Conjurer area cloak and excessively draining their own energy.
  • Fixed a bug where Conjurers would use their area cloak decloak range when using personal cloak under a certain set of conditions.
  • Increased Conjurer area cloak decloak range 128 -> 192 (same as their area cloaker radius).
  • Ravens dive slightly lower.
  • Increased the effect of impulse weapons on planes (not gunships) by 10%.
  • Improved the rearm pad code and added it to the priority system.
  • Hacksaw turns 25% faster and its missiles are better at homing, but damage 1200 → 1000.
  • Fixed Knight attack-move behaviour.
  • Fixed some issues caused by Phantom trying to shoot and kite at the same time.
  • Skirmishing units stay slightly further away from retreating targets with significantly less speed than them.
  • Updated Constable description.
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