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Stop bomber turning as soon as it drops first bomb

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10 months ago
I am trying to make a bomber that drops all its bombs in a straight line, but I can't stop it from turning as soon as it drops the first bomb. This there a weaponDef that will make it not able to turn until it has finished its burst?

Currently using the napalm bomber as a base to edit on quickly.

Another weird thing I noticed was that changing the unit model stopped it from requiring ammo and so would just constantly drop bombs forever... even when it landed...
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10 months ago
you can manually tell them to drop bomb with "d" key while controlling the moment path
or you can use "alt"+"a" or"f" keys I am not sure since we changed the key binding to click and drag a line for them to drop bomb
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10 months ago
There is no weaponDef. What you are asking for is not simple as it requires some knowledge of aircraft physics, command AI, and unit scripting. Read the scripts of Raven, Phoenix, and Thunderbird to see how they handle the command and scripting side of things.

Raven also uses SetAirMoveTypeData to change parameters such as aileron and rudder magnitude while it flies low. You may need to do this if you want to force the plane to fly forwards, not just have it as its default behaviour. Read this page too: https://springrts.com/wiki/Lua_MoveCtrl#MoveType-Controlling
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