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Zero-K on Steam

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6 months ago
I have a dual boot, and I have Zero-K kept on the Windows filesystem, but I play it from both Windows and Linux.

I've been getting more into Steam, so I tried playing Zero-K on steam. I moved Zero-K into C/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Zero-K, and then tried opening Zero-K in steam.

Steam said the game was running, but it never launches. Does anyone else use Zero-K from steam on Linux?
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6 months ago
You need a steam key to install on linux currently. I believe EErankAdminAnarchid or MYrankAdminHistidine can provide one.
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6 months ago
I never got ZK to work on Steam for Linux, but this works every time: https://zero-k.info/Wiki/DownloadLinux
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