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lazy how to make a model

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can someone say: program for making zero-k units
and a link to the beginners guide for editing the unit

i think id like to add a scout beacon..
in like 6 months when its done..

it is a miniature construction pad with a free cloaked scout drone
the cloaked scout drone is like a big flea.. only it stays cloaked while moving
the beacon can be dropped by pheonix with d gun destroying the pheonix
the beacon auto drops on pheonix death

the construction pad will create and support 1 drone slowly for free
the drone is not controlled but has radar and good los
it auto moves towards nearest radar dot/target or waits idle on floor
when it finds an enemy in los it waits idile on floor

it has a flea gun =P
the scout drone can be ordered to return to its pad.. using the pad/drone
you can use the pad/drone to target a specific radar dot to send the drone towards that target

the pad is not cloaked and if it is destroyed so too is the drone
the pad has very low hit-points (1 defender turret)
the pad is not build-able by any constructors

|| my thinking = pheonix literally means to rise again..
pheonix are a tad weak without good los of targets

the model will resemble a black spiked, armored, tear shaped pod
it will glow a near its center a deep fire red
it will open like a flower revealing purple/black lightning pattern
and begin constructing the high tech drone
the drone will look military/tanky but will also clearly not be a combat drone

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Assuming you're serious.

Since I've been interested in that as well for some time, I've gathered some useful resources I can share.

The process I know, in a nutshell, someone more knowledgeable correct me if I'm wrong:

Previous threads:

Recommended software: blender
Steps with 3D manipulation software (links for blender):
0) Get the s3o format import/export plugin
direct link for plugin
for curious: plugin assimp spring wiki page
s3o using blender
Installing the plugin is as simple as going into Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons -> Install... -> browse the python script-plugin, and enable it after installing.

1) Modelling/Sculpting
Check for tutorials linked below

2) Adjusting the model so it's low on polygons (~< 300) if you did use some fancy sculpting

3) UV mapping (can skip at first)
Check for tutorials linked below

4) Texturing (can skip at first)
Check for tutorials linked below

5) Exporting model data to s3o format - using the plugin in 0)
After enabling the plugin File -> Export -> .s3o will appear.

blender introductions and basic tutorials
list of good quality tutorials for various stuff, more advanced

Some free textures/materials samples:

Further in spring game files:

0) Getting your game copy to modding condition for experimenting

5) Adding unit game files of the unit using the model. Defining the unit game parameters, collision volumes etc in unitdef files
Check for examples game_folder/units/any_unit.lua

6) Describing the model with model parts, manual animating the actions of the unit in script file (the biggest pain in the ass)
Check for examples game_folder/scripts/any_unit.lua
In the link it's also mentioned the Anarchid's blendertools to export blender animation in some limited capabilities to the spring script.

?) Assuming some extra steps to put unit's textures in the right place - worry about later if you get that far.

Zero-k independent, useful all in one tutorial with different software:
General guide: https://springrts.com/wiki/The_Complete_Guide_To_Making_A_Spring_Game#Making_a_3D_Model
Basic guide: https://springrts.com/wiki/Basic_s3o_unit_making_guide

If you're serious about it, I wish you steel resolve and determination, you'll need it :)
Also: share any results if you start the work, even miniscule. That helps staying motivated.

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