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Why do I never get banned, muted or even a warning?

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It´s unfair towards other users.
Just because ppl like Corvus, Dark Girlfirend or NanoPirate are *****s doesn´t mean you should treat me less strict then them.
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41 days ago
i think its dark google frog
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41 days ago
You never cause problems? :D
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You have less than a handful meaningful reports. Corvus has over a hundred reports. Firepluk many hundred reports. Punishments do compound, because the goal isn't to punish players but to get them to play properly. So this is a strategy of finding the minimum punishment necessary in order to keep the game playable.
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ok, i will put in some more effort next time.
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41 days ago
In all my internet times I think this in the first time I have heard someone complain that the're not banned enough.
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It's hard to purposefully be an arsehole consistently if you are not born that way or don't have mommy issues, just get really drunk and type away, thats the pint I usually start getting warnings
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41 days ago
AUrank4hundred thank you, i will consider that.
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39 days ago

i can be an asshole consistently for $0.99 cents a day
i just need a mentor to teach me.. i know some people are gifted

hmm im not so sure about this word though.. asshole is such a dirty word.. needs to be banned or at-least washed
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