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Potential repair cost changes

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Repair currently costs 50% of the repaired unit's energy cost and none of its metal cost. It has been proposed to make repair cost some amount of metal and energy (current thinking is somewhere between 10% and 25% of both metal and energy).

Some comments on this idea:

- Since energy impacts overdrive, the current energy-only repair deprives you of a meaningful amount of metal in the early-mid game but becomes mostly negligible in the late-game. (If repair costs 10% metal and energy, you probably need energy income on the order of a singu for this to be worse for your metal income than 50% energy.)

- Chip damage from artillery in the lategame having a metal cost concerns me. Units like Tremor and Bertha don't seem like they need a lategame buff, and even if they are nerfed their role will remain problematic unless they are flat-out owled.

- Shields will still allow you to absorb damage at a purely-energy cost in the lategame.

- Metal-repair makes non-fatal damage to heavy lategame units like Paladin/Cyclops/Grizzly more impactful. I don't think the current state of Paladin is bad but I'm aware other people disagree with this assessment.

- At the moment, (as long as you aren't stalling energy) repair is effectively always high-priority since it causes you to have less overdrive income to be shared among your other tasks. A repair which consumes metal would not have this property, for better or for worse.

- This change would presumably be accompanied by adding metal cost to resurrection, at either the same or higher resource cost. Rez could be made to cost metal even if repair is not. This particularly affects FFA in which resurrection is prevalent, and (afaik) generally felt to be overpowered.
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6 months ago
As I stated in the other thread I think this would be a good paradigm shift in the long run, although certainly there will need to be a lot of re-balancing to account for this.

I don't think nerfing artillery pieces would be ineffective. Their role is (or is supposed to be) attrition, with this change and a nerf they would still be doing that. Although one might argue that Bertha's current modus operandi is undesirable in any event (its an anti-unit artillery instead of a strategic base-busting artillery).
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This change would totally ruin the game
- Arty-porc wars are already cancerous enough and with repair costing metal you would make this way-way worse
- Any big fat unit that could have been used to break porc castles will now be heavily penalized
- Just a thought of inferno or tremor make me shiver - ton of shit gets damaged...

I see the only way to make this change work - EACH unit should require metal to shoot... except maybe the cheapest units - raiders
Another possible way to balance it out would give all units innate regeneration ability

LT;DR; - breaks everything, will be very-very hard to balance
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6 months ago
Make all arty stockpile based.
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6 months ago
Make all arty stockpile based.

That's also a recipe for disaster and frustration given how inaccurate artillery is.

Seriously, why are you pushing this change of metal cost repairs so hard... It already does cost metal in overdrive.
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6 months ago
Then retain only the ones worth using. Silo and Scylla are quite usable despite stockpile.
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What about

1: Rez
2: Auto self repair

I think 10% metal cost is reasonable.
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6 months ago
AUrankAdminAquanim and GBrank[Fx]Drone raised some good arguments in Discord, then AUrankAdminAquanim wrote some of them down in this thread. Lategame artillery is a worry, as is the UI issue of having your Caretakers drain metal when you don't want them to. To still test out slightly worse repair I have made this change:

  • 75% energy and BP cost (up from stable 50%).
  • 75% energy and 300% BP if damaged in the last 10 seconds (up from stable 50%/200%).
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6 months ago
As long as it's not a metal cost, looks good to me.
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What about Balanced Annihilation style?

All units have slight auto repair and repair free :D Since Balanced Annihilation does it, it must be Balanced
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6 months ago
Zero-K units also have auto-repair, its just weak and takes a while without damage to kick in.
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5 months ago
Repair already indirectly cost metal? repair

less energy

less overdrive = less metal no?
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5 months ago
Yes, but the effect becomes less important as the game progresses. Its also never that strong to begin with.
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