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tactical sub fire mechanics

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when issuing a attack command on a unit (F) it also sets target on it,
resulting in tac missile spam
probably needs the fire once settings that lobster has

(merlin would benefit from fire once option too)
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10 days ago
Are all similar units affected?
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reef fires once and doesnt set target, it also fires trough Dgun tho

tac silo, when fired by selecting the silo and issuing on a unit, also sets target but only fires 1 missile

nuke doesnt set target and fires 1 nuke
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9 days ago
As far as I know if the missile silo, and not the missile built on it, is used to target a unit the silo will fire all currently available missiles at the target.
So if you for example have a Napalm already built and a tactical nuke Eos on 1% it will fire both, Napalm right away and Eos after it finishes building.
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9 days ago
And I was wondering why my scylla fires more than 1 missile... sigh
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8 days ago
Tested this a little, missile silo works as I said previously.
Scylla however does not 'lose' target after it fires a missile, but keeps locked on until target either goes out of direct or radar sight and keeps firing, and considering that tac nuke travel time is longer than it's reload time it will overkill, or keep shooting at the target until either target dies or it runs out of ammo.
Great if you got a terraform wall and enemy doesn't know this about scylla but horrible if you're the scylla player who doesn't bother to micro it properly.
Basically Scylla acts like a regular artillery unit.
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Can confirm, this confused me. Force-firing ground only fires one missile, force-firing a building shoots until that building is dead.
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8 days ago
HRrankMajo i am confused, silo fires only 1 missile on my screen
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8 days ago
I made Scylla not automatically receive settarget. As far as I can tell Missile Silo is working as intended.
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7 days ago
Omoiyari I tested it again, it doesn't keep firing all missiles i'm just a dumb ass who left repeat order on to have a steady build order, which also included repeating order of attacking ground.
My bad.
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