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Creating Widgets

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So I have been wanting to make some widgets to make playing air less of a ball ache. Specifically for some annoying things like bombers automatic rearm paths making them fly right through the range of a scouted Artemis, you hear the shot and know the result.

I have had a look at some of the other widgets but not sure the best way to actually know what you can do in lua commands. Is there an editor with autocomplete available for lua that means you can hit tab, etc and it pops up a list with available functions/variables? Or is it really back to old school searching through api docs online to find what you want?

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8 days ago
old schoool cool
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Kinda getting the hand of it now :D

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6 days ago
Sprign.Resign (lobster)
goto a
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5 days ago
Lobster not defined, shitcode crashes. Cobevelober resigns instead.
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