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Player colors

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2 months ago
Is there any way to make the players have the same color globaly?

Would be better in multiplayer if all players sees the different players as the same color.
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2 months ago
No, because there is different local player color optimizations for different kinds of color blindnesses. You can't really favor one over the rest.
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2 months ago
I think enemy colours are supposed to match.
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Colorblind schemes don't really matter since those people don't participate in the "hey green, let's attack red" communication game regardless so might as well keep whatever scheme they currently have, even if a change were to be done for people with regular eyesight.

The closest you can get so far is F10 -> Settings -> Interface -> Team Colors -> Sync Colors With Team. This means you won't get the usual green reserved for you, so any teammates with this option also enabled will see everybody the same way (for example you might turn out darkblue, and other teammates with this options will see you as darkblue as well -- and as AUrankAdminGoogleFrog says enemies should already look the same for all teammates). It is fairly useless because it is off by default so approximately nobody has it enabled. There is no way to force others to enable this option, or to keep colours consistent across teams (so that you are sometimes on the red team).

Keep in mind both the "self is always green" and "teammates are always cold colours" are by design for teams (so you build up some sort of eye muscle memory without having to remember what colour you are every game) so don't expect these defaults to be changed, but other suggestions welcome. For example in an FFA it would be good to ensure various people see mutual enemies the same way and not necessarily stick to the same palette as for teams.
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2 months ago
How well do teammate colors match up? Are there only two colors that someone can appear as? (for people in front of them or behind them in)

So like, in a team of six people would each person see the following colors?

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2 months ago
Yes, the people before/after are just shifted by 1. The advantage of doing it this way as opposed to


is that this keeps the set consistent (which builds the "eye muscle memory" - in a 2v2 your teammate is always blue, not 50/50 between blue and cyan) and makes sure that the colours earlier from the list are always used first (which is better because they are more salient - our config specifically avoids shades of green for the early ally colours so as to limit potential confusion with the "self" green).
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