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Weird behavior with control move

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4 days ago
I can't provide a replay because this happened in singleplayer games with bots, but I was testing the behavior of glaives moving with conjurers because I thought I had encountered an entirely different bug, and ran into something strange - twice, when I was using the control move command in conjunction with shift move, some of my units would get stuck somehow at the start and not move for several seconds before finally getting unstuck somehow. One time it was multiple glaives, 3 or 4 out of ~8, and the second time it was just one. This occured on both fairyland and banana republic, both times fairly close to a base ramp but not actually on it, and I am pretty sure there was no terrain the units were sticking to. I tried to replicate it again in a game I could get a replay for but I gave up after 7 minutes right before crashing into bed.

I'll try to get a replay at some point, but wanted to report it first to motivate myself to do so :P
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4 days ago
Attach the replay.
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