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Annoying UI Glitch

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12 days ago
Hey all,

I've been having this really annoying UI glitch for a long time now. What happens is, the majority of the time I play, I'm missing at least a few UI elements, like maybe the mex circles on the minimap, or the green rectangle that tells you where to place your Com when you start, or whatever else (its random). Then, every 3 or 4 games typically (sometimes every other game) the UI will just cut out completely. I can't see anything other than the map and units. /luaui reload or whatever the command is doesn't work for me, the only thing that works is exiting out and restarting the game.

Also often times the characters that make up words look corrupted.

I've tried reinstalling ZK with no success. Anyone know what I can do to fix this? Its extremely obnoxious.

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what graphics card do you use.. if your on windows do (command key ~ its the windows key) + r .. then type in.. dxdiag .. and hit enter to run .. if it asks you something to do with scanning for signed drivers or something just do no and then..

go to display tab and see graphics card model.. does it say intel onboard.. if it does and your on a lap top then that may be the issue.. if you have a dedicated graphics card then drivers are your next best bet

1. make sure graphics card is not onboard
2. make sure graphics card drivers are up to date
3. make sure all games files are not corrupted
4. fiddle with lower settings
5.. umm check to see if the os/anti virus or other program is causing issues
6.. erm idk
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Looks like its an intel HD Graphics 520.

Total Memory: 6204 MB
Display Memory: 128 MB
Shared Memory: 6076 MB

That seems like not much, though I haven't always had this problem on this laptop, so the only thing thats changed is maybe I'm using more memory from other applications?

Edit: It says DAC type is Internal, does that mean onboard?

Edit 2: How Do I check for corrupted game files?
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11 days ago
the vm of the card is 128 MB

its a low end onboard designed for you tube but can still play fortnight/overwatch on lowest settings.. the graphics card may be the root cause of your issues

you can reinstall zero-k but i have a feeling you would be better off lowering all your game settings to minimal
and even lowering your desktop resolution if its still having issues.. also look into how much dedicated VM windows is using because if windows is using some of your 128 VM then your going to be using ram or even worse paging file to substitute the chips memory
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