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Cloaking Field for Com?

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for which Comanders (Recon,Engieener....) are allowed to have

-Personal Cloak Modul
-Area Cloak Modul

And which have
-Lazerus Device?
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16 days ago

Note that some modules also have prerequisites, e.g. radar jammer for area cloak.
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16 days ago
Thk for answer , helpless
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16 days ago
Cloaking field (area cloaking) can build on engineer and strike commanders. Before you can build cloaking field you need also morph Radar jammer module on them.
Lazarus devica is only for engineer commander. To improve lazarus device you morph more Carrepairer's nanolathe modules.
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15 days ago
cloak field is also compatible with shield, since it requires jammer and jammer is compatible with shield. (the comm wont cloak if it has shields though) cloak field is actually compatible with big shield.
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