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Global Build Command tweaking (by a noob)

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4 days ago
Macro is awesome, and that is one of the things that make z-k so different from other RTS games. GBC is a example of the scripting of low level orders in the name of large strategies and grand defenses and industrial logistics, however at the very large scale games of zero-k the rate at which it gives orders to units doesn't keep up with larger constructor numbers. The updateRate is a 1-4 menu option that as far as i can tell controls how many units it orders per cycle?. The first thing i am trying to tweak is to raise that maximum number, the max in the original version is 4(because of cpu load) but in the days of Ryzen CPUs and DDR4 four doesn't even make any performance difference notable. I made a local widget called GBC revised and confirmed that it works ingame identical to GBC but the higher range of values doesn't seem to make a difference ingame, the line that i changed for the attempt was line 116 so i wondered if something later limits to a max value of 4, the only later line with updateRate is 440 but that does not seem to be the issue. I am familiar with c# but do not know that much of Lua. Thank you for reading and I am curious what obvious thing I am missing.
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The updateRate parameter, quite fitting to its name, controls the rate at which the widget updates its information state.

That is, if you set it to 4, it will perform its information gathering on every frame; if you set it to one, it will run every fourth frame; if you hack it to 30, it will run as fast as it would on 4 because it can't do things faster than once every frame.

It does not affect constructor logic as far as i can see.
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3 days ago
Welcome to zkdev!

If youre feeling up to the challenge you could try to modify gbc to allow all players on a team to interact with it.
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3 days ago
You might also be interested in the current state of GBC refactoring: https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K/pull/4056

Note that area commands are somehow broken in this version, and I haven't yet worked out why.
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