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Zero-K v1.8.9.4 - Fixes and Amph Utility

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6 months ago

Hotfixes don't usually warrant a full set of notes, but this one contains a few things that were being worked on in the meantime and fixes a noticeable idle behaviour bug. We're preparing to take a look at some of the less well-rounded factories, and part of that is making their unique aspects feel better to use. A few improvements to Lobster and Djinn made it into this update. Most notable is Djinn's less restrictive requirement for teleport, which has some interesting implications.


Lobster affects units in a larger radius.
  • Gather range 112 -> 160
Djinn is more powerful and convenient.
  • Lamp deployment time 9s -> 8s
  • Self deployment time 3.33s -> 1.11s
  • Increased throughput 120 mass/s -> 150 mass/s
  • Teleportation is much less picky about the destination being free of units.
  • Units with subsequent orders exit the Djinn in the appropriate direction.


  • Fixed an idle-return bug that affected a few units (eg Halberd and Locust) due to their their lack of more elaborate unit AI.
  • Fixed some situations where drones could gain a target then return because the target is too far away.
  • Fixed terraform on flat plains not updating the map mesh until the camera moves.
  • Fixed the hollow rectangle terraform (hold ctrl+shift+alt) UI not matching the result and added an interior rectangle to the UI.
  • Force unhide default chassis if there are only four commanders to select.
  • Made camera save/recall save the whole state rather than just the position (this was in v1.8.9.3 a few days ago).
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6 months ago
Good to see long dormant units re-visited. Hope to one day see Djinn in 1v1, I await the day.
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6 months ago
Video is hilarious! Shouldn't they explode whey they are all squeezed together like that? Or maybe create a small black hole or something :-p.
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6 months ago
"Area Mex now queues one Solar with ctrl held, two with alt, and four with ctrl+alt. Previously it would queue four with ctrl"

Thank you this is an awesome update. I have wanted this for a long time.
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6 months ago
What is Self deployment time?
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6 months ago

What is Self deployment time?

djinn usage:
1) set a lamp => teleport entry
2) walk/transport djinn to target location
3) enable teleport exit at djinn = self deployment (and therefore the time to enable this is the self deployment time)
4) walk units to the lamp
5) ???
6) profit
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6 months ago
Когда нам ждать дату выхода Zero-K2?
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