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Change Shift key binding

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16 days ago
on the risk of being called out an idiot, i failed to find where in the game i can change the key bindings. Sadly my shift button isn't working at all and without queuing commands, building is much less fun. I know there is a file to change the bindings, but i hope this can be done without messing with files. Probably it is rather easy and i just fail to find the right window for it. Can someone please help this poor idiot?
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15 days ago
In general you can change keybindings in the ingame menu -> Hotkeys. I doubt you will be able to change shift though. The behaviour of the modkeys is baked fairly deep into the engine. It is possible to do things like write a widget that swaps how modkeys modify commands, but I doubt all parts of the UI would be accessible. For a broken keyboard you may want to look into AutoHotkey.
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15 days ago
thanks. If i understand correctly withing the game would be solution for my issue (aside having enough builders for each command in my command queue)? Guess i will have to look into AutoHotKey then. Hoped there would be an easier solution
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AutoHotkey is reasonably easy to use. For your purposes, just find another key that you want to use as shift, and then make a script that contains (example is using the Windows key as the shift key, only while in Spring)

#IfWinActive ahk_exe spring.exe

Then either right-click and run it, or compile it into an .exe file and run that. Bonus with the .exe is that you can put it in the Start Menu/Startup folder and have it always running whenever you restart.
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