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Ludum Dare 47 - Share your games

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A few people did Ludum Dare recently, more than I had previously realised. Usually I like to have a thread about this as threads are less transient than messages on Discord. Post your games and give feedback.

Here is the game AUrankAdminAquanim and I made with a few others:
It is a bit complex so reading the comments on the LD page helps.

I hope to see a few other games.
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8 days ago
I know aquarium played my team's game not sure if you did or if you wanna check it out, I have played Crocodial already! Anyway if your interested https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/47/locomotion-commotion
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8 days ago
Damn that game is fun, took me a bit to understand I was upgrading my existing spells, yeah I didnt read anything about it
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