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Cornea & Iris

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Can Cornea and Iris please have an independent option with only radar jamming and smaller energy consumption? Thanks a lot :D
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9 days ago
This option alraedy exists. Toggle the Area Cloaker state to disable the area cloaker, while preserving radar jamming capabilities. This reduces Iris energy usage from -16.5E/s to -1.5E/s, and Cornea energy usage from -14.5E/s to -2.5E/s.

Cornea's higher apparent consumption comes from it also having an independent self-cloaking state, which uses -1E/s. You can disable this by toggling the Cloak state, to reduce Cornea energy usage to -1.5E/s as well. Keep in mind that as a static building, a Cornea's position will be known for the rest of its lifetime as soon as it is revealed.

To fully disable jamming on either, you can toggle the Activation state, which stops both area jamming and area cloaking. This fully removes any energy usage that isn't Cornea's self-cloak, which remains independent.
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9 days ago
Thank you!
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