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Zero-K - Detriment and Venom tweaks

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4 months ago

This update addresses the slightly overpowered stats on the reworked Venom. While we're at it, here are some improvements and fixes for Detriment. There is also a tournament this weekend which is open for anyone to join or watch. Details can be found here.


Venom no longer two-shot stuns Redback, and is slightly more vulnerable to raiders.
  • Range 250 -> 245
  • Damage 70 -> 65
  • EMP Damage 450 -> 400

Detriment has shorter reload and repair downtimes, as well as better pathfinding.
  • Autoheal 20 -> 100
  • Jump reload 120 -> 100
  • Obliterator reload 45 -> 40
  • Obliterator AoE 212 -> 256
  • Obliterator no longer smooths terrain under structures (so turrets on spires no longer 'dodge').
  • Footprint 6x6 -> 4x4 (This lets it move around terrain without issues)
  • Hitvolume width reduced by 15.2%
  • Hitvolume height reduced by 11.4%
  • Fix AA laser only shooting with one barrel.
  • Face beam is now unable to fire too far sideways.

Detriment is now a bit more resistant to Ultimatum because the Disingerator deals damage for each frame it is inside the target. In perfect circumstances Ulti removes 20.5% of its health per shot, down from 23.5%, but in reality Ultimatum will often require an extra shot to kill a Detriment.

Tremor is potentially a bit oppressive in dense team games.
  • Speed 40.5 -> 37.5
  • Range 1220 -> 1160

Gauss turret now has a much larger hitvolume. It was 12.5% thinner than Lotus, which was just silly.

Fixes and Features

  • Knight, Thug and Hermit now jink at half the frequency, giving them time to aim.
  • Added a Construction Effect graphics setting to the main menu.
  • Increase Ultimatum target priority.
  • Fix Phoenix effect on sea impact.
  • Updated Unit Level Ups custom mode preset.
  • Added support for unitdefs_mod.
  • Fixed support for modding in extra weapons to units.
  • Improved econ hint formatting slightly.
  • Added live water configuration under 'Settings/Graphics/Sun, Fog & Water/Water' ingame.
  • Fixed the sun and water on Skulduggery and Mechadansonia.
  • Fixed Dante flamethower aiming visuals.
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4 months ago
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4 months ago
I think the label of "Anti-Sub" on scallop need to be removed, it is arguably isn't a worthy anti-sub anymore with its side arm nerfed and shotgun not able to shoot into water. It basically a glorified duck than an actual anti sub in that perspective
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4 months ago
It might just refer to the fact that it can hit underwater targets. If that is the case, archer should get that tag as well.

But yes, Scallop is much more useful for the shotgun than the depth charges. It has become something of an anti-rush unit, it keeps enemy units from rushing in via the threat of scallop surfacing and shotgunning them into oblivion.
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