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Zero-K - Detriment and Venom tweaks

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8 days ago

This update addresses the slightly overpowered stats on the reworked Venom. While we're at it, here are some improvements and fixes for Detriment. There is also a tournament this weekend which is open for anyone to join or watch. Details can be found here.


Venom no longer two-shot stuns Redback, and is slightly more vulnerable to raiders.
  • Range 250 -> 245
  • Damage 70 -> 65
  • EMP Damage 450 -> 400

Detriment has shorter reload and repair downtimes, as well as better pathfinding.
  • Autoheal 20 -> 100
  • Jump reload 120 -> 100
  • Obliterator reload 45 -> 40
  • Obliterator AoE 212 -> 256
  • Obliterator no longer smooths terrain under structures (so turrets on spires no longer 'dodge').
  • Footprint 6x6 -> 4x4 (This lets it move around terrain without issues)
  • Hitvolume width reduced by 15.2%
  • Hitvolume height reduced by 11.4%
  • Fix AA laser only shooting with one barrel.
  • Face beam is now unable to fire too far sideways.

Detriment is now a bit more resistant to Ultimatum because the Disingerator deals damage for each frame it is inside the target. In perfect circumstances Ulti removes 20.5% of its health per shot, down from 23.5%, but in reality Ultimatum will often require an extra shot to kill a Detriment.

Tremor is potentially a bit oppressive in dense team games.
  • Speed 40.5 -> 37.5
  • Range 1220 -> 1160

Gauss turret now has a much larger hitvolume. It was 12.5% thinner than Lotus, which was just silly.

Fixes and Features

  • Knight, Thug and Hermit now jink at half the frequency, giving them time to aim.
  • Added a Construction Effect graphics setting to the main menu.
  • Increase Ultimatum target priority.
  • Fix Phoenix effect on sea impact.
  • Updated Unit Level Ups custom mode preset.
  • Added support for unitdefs_mod.
  • Fixed support for modding in extra weapons to units.
  • Improved econ hint formatting slightly.
  • Added live water configuration under 'Settings/Graphics/Sun, Fog & Water/Water' ingame.
  • Fixed the sun and water on Skulduggery and Mechadansonia.
  • Fixed Dante flamethower aiming visuals.
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7 days ago
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